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1. Describe a movie which you have seen in a cinema or at home.

  • Watching movie in a theatre gives unique experience whereas at home, watching a film on standard size T.V. screen is not that much thrilling.
  • I don’t go to cinema frequently but I definitely go to watch those movies which are based on different theme.
  • The last film which I watched in theatre was a Bollywood film named Bajirao Mastani. I saw this last month in a theatre in my home town with my friends.
  • This film is considered as a love folk lore and critics acclaim it at par with the classic movie of Bollywood, Mughal-e-Azam.
  • The reason of watching this movie was that I have interest in history and this film is an Indian epic historical romance. It is based on the life of a Maratha warrior and his wife and his beloved cum second wife.
  • This film is called as period drama and it has a lot of action and emotional turmoil.
  • In order to dramatise, the real historical story is changed a bit and made more sensationalised.
  • The grand sets and costumes are centre of attraction for the viewers.
  • I enjoyed watching this film a lot and my friends also liked it.


2. What sort of news do the people of your local region like to listen to?

  • Watching or reading news on T.V. and newspapers respectively, keeps us abreast with latest happenings in the world.
  • People of my area listen to news on T.V. and they have access to various newspapers also.
  • They like to listen to the news related to any violent activity in their vicinity like burglary, theft cases, road accidents or street brawls.
  • Such news make people aware about the incidences and they become cautious about the presence of any suspicious element in their area.
  • If I talk about the youth of my region, like me, they prefer to know about musical concerts and sports events which will be organised in the city and its surrounding areas.
  • But on the other hand, the elderly folks are more interested in politics. They discuss the working of various political parties in the state and in the region and assess their performance. I often observe middle aged people discussing the functioning of political parties and it shows their keen interest.
  • There is another important section in the society also. These are farmers who grow crops for us. They like to listen to news related to latest techniques of farming, invention of new seeds and about fairs which are organised for farmers especially by state government and agricultural university.
  • Besides this, people listen to weather forecast also to know about the weather conditions. In this way farmers can make smart planning about harvesting and plantation of their crops.
  • In addition to this, news stories keep youngsters updated about the latest trends in the fashion world. The fashionistas listen to fashion gurus and follow them to sport the cool look.
  • In this way, people of different age group listen to the news according to their own need and taste.

3. Describe a moment when you got so confused while taking any decision.

  • Right decision taken at right time, plays crucial role in life.
  • Sometimes it becomes quite tough to make the right choice.
  • It happened with me also when I was very much confused to take the right step.
  • After passing my graduation, I had to go for higher studies.
  • As I am from a small town, there are not many educational facilities available.
  • There is only one City College where student go for their masters programmes.
  • I was also planning to take admission in that institution but my father advised me to go to university which is around 70 kilometres away from my home town.
  • Studying in the university means I had to stay in the hostel there as it was not feasible to commute daily. But I was not ready to reside in the hostel at that moment as I had never been away from my family.
  • I was indecisive to take the right decision and got confused.
  • My father didn’t impose his preference on me rather he left me with my choices.
  • After many deliberations, I zeroed in on going to the university for my master degree in English literature.
  • I feel now that I took the right decision at that time.
  • Studying in the university department broadened my vision and I got the chance to attend the classes and lectures of professors and scholars.
  • I enjoyed a lot in the company of other hostellers and learnt a lot about other cultures also.
  • My that decision is paying me rich dividends now, as I am an English teacher and the knowledge and skills gained in the university are helping me in my teaching.






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