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Describe a health related article you have read in any magazine/ newspaper.

  • Why you read that?

  • What have you learnt?

  • How often you have read?

These days people are very conscious about their looks and wellbeing. They work out regularly in gym and go for walk and jogging also.

  • I am also very health conscious person and I often read health related columns and blogs written by health experts and dieticians in newspapers, magazines and on the internet.
  • On last Sunday, I read an article in a magazine about keeping fit.
  • This article was written by a famous dietician Ms. Yasmine Kochar.
  • It was very informative as the writer wrote about different diets for keeping ourselves fit. She also mentioned the importance of drinking hot water and she shared the names of some commonly found herbs in our domestic kitchen to cure various flues.
  • I read about the significance of fruits salad and sprouts salad also and the need of fibre for healthy stomach. She advised to munch fruits more rather than taking fresh juice even.
  • She also gave a diet chart of seven days which helps to detoxify the body and ultimately helps in weight reduction. I have noted down that diet plan and pasted it on the wall of my room.
  • I have read that article three times, till now, as it sounds very interesting. It’s only after reading this column I came to know that watermelon and melon help in weight control.
  • Now I’m waiting eagerly for the next edition of the same magazine to read the next article as Yasmine writes on regular basis for this magazine.
  • I checked her account on internet also and found many other interesting facts about food and health.
  • This article enhanced my knowledge about the selection of healthy food items and i liked it very much.

Describe a situation when you faced a difficulty to take any decision but later you got satisfied with that.

  • It happens with all that we feel ourselves caught in a dilemma and get confused to take right decision.
  • Sometimes, such decisions become turning points of life.
  • I still recall those days when I had to make a right choice for my career and I was in bewilderment.
  • After passing my senior secondary, I had to take admission in my bachelor degree and I was unable to decide the course to take.
  • I had interest in commerce but one of my teachers suggested our class to go for management studies.
  • He told us the benefits of that programme and painted a rosy picture of vast employment opportunities around the world. He guided us to take admission in IIM or in any other reputed institute.
  • I got extremely confused as I had already made up my mind to become a chartered account but his words regarding global work prospects, kept on echoing in my ears for many days.
  • I took advice from my friends and relatives also and finally decided to go for Management studies.
  • Now I’m studying in the third year of management course in one of the best institute of India and I realise that I took the right decision at that time.
  • I attend various lectures and talks organised by our training and placement cell and I’m extremely happy that there are ample jobs for the management graduates also in this industry but I have made up my mind to go for my masters first.
  • I can say now that I made the right choice at that moment and this is going to pay me rich dividends in coming years.
  • I’m happy and contented now.






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