Ideas for IELTS Speaking Cue Cards asked on 30-1-2016

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  1. Describe an old person to whom you admire the most.

  • How old is he from you?

  • How do you know him?

  • What qualities of him do you like?


I have many old people in my family and in relatives. I share amicable relations with them. They are my good friends. I admire all of them for their qualities.

  • Here I would like to talk about my grandfather whom I admire the most. He is in his eighties whereas I’m in my early twenties.
  • Since my birth, I have been observing his movements in our family and the control he holds on the lives of all family members.
  • He is a retired army man and is well disciplined.
  • He is enjoying perfect health and he gives all credit to his army life.
  • He has many stories of war days to tell us. We all children in the family love to listen to his tales of valour.
  • I have tons of words of praise for him. He has won gallantry award also for his bravery in battlefield.
  • Sometimes I wonder that how can he follow a strict regime of exercising and other fitness activities.
  • He is very much particular about his diet also and often guide us to take only health food and stay away from junk food.
  • His agility can be witnessed from his active participation in social welfare programs. He is member of many NGOs and he donates a big part of his earnings for the upliftment of the underprivileged children.
  • I salute his generosity and wish to become like him. His selfless love and concern for others make him stand apart from other elders in my social circle.

2. Describe a movie you have recently watched.

  • I love to watch movies a lot and often go to cinema with my family or friends.
  • Whenever any movie of my favourite actor is released I rush to watch it in the very first week.
  • On this Diwali, the movie of my favourite actor Salman Khan was released. It’s name is “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”. It was a story of love, affection and warmth in relations. Salman Khan, the actor played double role in the movie. His one character was of a prince of some estate and second was a layman.
  • This movie showed the generosity and humility of a common man for the prince and his estate. He helped him to get rid of royal traitors and restored his family harmony by removing the misunderstanding amongst siblings.
  • The lyrics and music of the film were melodious. I still remember some notes of the movie and sing those.
  • I enjoyed watching this movie a lot and same do my friends.

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