Ideas for IELTS Speaking Cue Cards

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  1. Describe a thing which you bought & got pleased.

  • What was that?

  • Why you bought that?

  • To whom you gave that?


  • I like giving surprise gifts to others. I was searching for a toy for my son/ nephew/. Finally I decided to buy a car.
  • It was an acrobatic car, operated with a remote control and had an electronic adaptor to recharge it. I was satisfied with my choice as the dancing car was made by favourite toy company and it was named as Ben ten car.
  • My son/ nephew was asking for a surprise present for many days, finally I decided to give him his favourite toy, a car, on his birthday.
  • I didn’t tell him about the present till his birthday party.
  • When I gave him the gift, wrapped in bright gold coloured gift wrapper, he got extremely excited.
  • He didn’t look towards other presents given by his friends and cousins and immediately opened the one I gave him.
  • He started screaming with joy and gave me a bear hug and thanked me many times for bringing his favourite toy.
  • I was amazed at his excitement. He showed the car proudly to all his friends.
  • I also felt contented because my son/ nephew liked my surprise gift.

2.Describe a market street you have visited.

  • Visiting a street market for shopping has its own charm in comparison to big malls and shopping complexes.
  • Purchasing things in an open market is always fun filled for me as it involves a lot of bargaining also.
  • I went to the popular street market of my city, with my friends, on this Sunday.
  • It is also known as Rehri market, a place where most of the goods are sold on carts and in makeshift stalls. It is situated in sector 22 of Chandigarh.
  • Our shopping list was not big one but we had to buy some tit bits only. The main reason of our visit to that street market was to enjoy the mouth watering snacks which are served there.
  • Some of the vendors are quite famous for their snacks and they do brisk business on weekends as youngsters like me wait eagerly for Saturday and Sunday to munch those delicacies.
  • We finished our shopping quickly and afterwards spend our rest of the time in window shopping.
  • All of sudden we reached at a stall where hand painted fabric was displayed. We liked those pieces very much. I bought one scarf which was painted with peacock motif. My friend also bought one tote bag with colourful butterflies painted all over it.
  • We were extremely happy with our shopping.
  • After spending around 4 hours in that street market, we returned back.




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