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Asked on 6th, 7th and 8th Feb 2016

Describe the time when you admired the sky

  • Looking towards the sky is always refreshing for all. I also enjoy watching towards floating clouds and twinkling stars.
  • I don’t get ample free time to sit idle and enjoy the beautiful sky often but whenever I get a chance, I don’t miss it.
  • A couple of days ago there was power failure in our area and there was no electricity supply for the entire day and even at night it was not restored.
  • We were left with no back up electric resource as we used our inverter during the day for running fans.
  • It was a hot and humid night and in the absence of power supply it was not possible to sleep inside the bedroom.
  • My mother suggested sleeping on the terrace and we all siblings welcomed her suggestion.
  • It was like an adventure for us and we helped her to arrange bedding there.
  • We took mattresses from the store room and made beds on the floor.
  • A gentle breeze started blowing and we all heaved a sigh of relief.
  • My younger cousins were excited and we asked many questions about stars and constellations.
  • My grandmother told us interesting mythological stories about stars also.
  • We started figuring out shapes of stars and enjoyed a lot.
  • I was awestruck with the divine beauty and felt like a part of the infinite.


Describe an important car journey you had.

  • Travelling via car, for long distances, is not comfortable for many. But i prefer to use my car for short as well as long journey as it is very handy.
  • Last month, my friends and i had to appear in an exam and that test was scheduled in another city which is around 80 kilometres away from our hometown.
  • We planned to go through public transport. Initially we thought about going by train but finally decided to use bus.
  • We reached at the bus stop on time and kept on waiting for half an hour but the bus we had to board on didn’t come.
  • Someone told us that the road was blocked by the miscreants and there was no chance of another bus for next 2 hours.
  • We all were shocked as that test was extremely important for us. We couldn’t take a chance to miss that.
  • We rushed back to my home immediately and decided to go by car.
  • We were running short of time and all were in a panic.
  • I drove the car on the speed of 120 to reach in time at the test venue.
  • As the road was potholed, we had very uncomfortable journey but reaching on time was extremely important for us.
  • Eventually, we reached there when other test takers were entering into the test hall and heaved a sigh of relief.
  • I still remember the stress and pressure we all felt on that day while travelling towards our destination.
  • That was the most important car journey we had till now.


Talk about your goal of life./ Talk about your future plan

  • Setting a goal in life gives direction to the efforts made in achieving that target. Without any aim or future plan, life is like a rudder less boat.
  • I have already set up my goal and all of my hardships are done in keeping my aim in my mind.
  • Now, i have a clear path in front of me and know well that how many efforts i have to put in to reach at my destination.
  • I want to become a language teacher and putting my level best to accomplish this target.
  • I am doing my bachelor of education with full dedication and acquiring all the skills needed to become a perfect teacher.
  • I work on different techniques and strategies during my teaching practice sessions to ascertain the most effective way of teaching students of all levels in one classroom setup.
  • I have planned to pass this course with flying colours.
  • After completion of my course, I will look for suitable job in my field.
  • I have already dropped my resume in some schools on the basis of my masters’ degree and looking forward to finish my studies in a couple of months.
  • I am quite sure that i will be able to secure a position for myself in some reputed institution.


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