Ideas for IELTS Speaking Cue Cards

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Describe any success you achieved in the past.

  • Success brings bountiful joys in life. One feels at the zenith after attaining the dream target.
  • I still remember very vividly the day when I was waiting anxiously for my senior secondary result.
  • I had a restless night and got up extremely early on that day and was unable to swallow even a single bite of my breakfast at that moment.
  • I had a dream to secure a position for myself in the state merit list. I had put a lot of efforts and was hoping to get good score.
  • My father was checking on the official website of the board and suddenly he started screaming with joy. I secured the top most position in my state.
  • My joys knew no bound after listening to this news. I checked on the website myself to ascertain whatever my father said.
  • My mother and brother also got very happy and congratulated me for my success. They were very happy for me as they knew well that I worked very hard and left no stone unturned to achieve my target.
  • My friends also came to my house to give their wishes. I received a phone call from my school principal also and it made me feel special.
  • It was a matter of pride for my school and parents that I attained the first position in medical stream at state level.
  • I got admission in the top medical college on the basis of my senior secondary result.
  • Now, I have completed my MBBS and looking towards a secure future and the entire credit goes to my success that I achieved in the past.


Describe a new skill you have learnt.


  • In the world of today, skilful people are much sought after in every field.
  • The modern world demands perfection from all.
  • Here I would like to talk about a new skill I acquired recently.
  • I was not good in cooking and being a girl my mother expected me to be a good cook.
  • She made me join a crash course in my city to improve my culinary skills.
  • I spent around 2 months during my college vacations and learnt to prepare different cuisines.
  • It has been around 6 months now since i have finished my cooking classes and have been practising this in my domestic kitchen.
  • My mother is very much satisfied with my cooking style and I also enjoy a lot.
  • This new skill of mine is making me confident and now I plan dinner parties often for my friends to show them my acquired skill.
  • I receive appreciation for my dishes as i have started preparing finger licking delicacies.
  • I enjoy using my newly learnt skill.

Describe an article you have read in the newspaper.

  • I read newspapers regularly. I have subscription of three newspapers and i read all daily.
  • Here i would like to describe an article i read in newspaper recently.
  • This article is from a series of a travelogue written by a famous columnist, traveller and photographer.
  • He described his journey to Dubai. He penned down the entire journey in such a perfect manner that after reading it i felt as i have seen the entire place with my own eyes.
  • He started the article with his flight experiences. He wrote about a callous co passenger who created ruckus after drinking heavily during the flight.
  • He described about the food, culture and traditions of that country also.
  • He included some nice pictures of tourist attractions also to make his article impressive.
  • I was awestruck after reading about the manmade island ‘palm jumeriah’ and the tallest building of Dubai Burj Khalifa. He gave detailed description of these places and painted a rosy picture of this beautiful country.
  • I have read this article thrice and found it very informative and interesting.



-Describe any art and craft activity you did in school time like painting or wood work.

  • School time is the learning time in the life of all.
  • Skills learnt during this phase of life pay in the later years.
  • Here I would like to talk about one such activity i learnt and did in the school days that is painting.
  • We used to have an arts period on every Saturday and it was compulsory for all the students to attend that class.
  • Our arts teacher motivated us in such a way that we all young artist started painting different images with our imagination.
  • In my 8th standard, i got a chance t represent my college in an inter school painting competition, which was held in our school.
  • I painted a beautiful picture of Mother Earth on canvas with oil colours and used some real objects also like leaves and flowers.
  • All the students, teachers and judges of the competition were amazed at my performance.
  • Everybody praised me for my clear hand and imagination.
  • I painted a novel idea on canvas, the Mother earth talking to its entire flora and fauna. I depicted this by using some symbols and to show the conversation i translated the same in English and wrote some messages also.
  • All were impressed with my thinking and i bagged the first position among 20 participants.
  • This encouraged me a lot and i kept on participating in all school fetes and received appreciation for my creations.
  • I still love painting and this activity has become my favourite pastime activity and i enjoy it a lot.



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