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Describe about your close friend with whom you had a dinner.
• I don’t keep a big social circle. I have only one close friend of my school/ college / university days. She is my soul mate.
• We are of same age group and share many similar traits.
• Her name is Tina and she is from my neighbouring city and we often meet and go shopping together.
• We go to theatre also to watch movies as our favourite actor and actress are the same one.
• We met this weekend on dinner in the favourite restaurant of my friend.
• There she told me that she is going to the United States for her higher studies.
• I congratulated her for this achievement.
• Tina is very lovable, mature and a responsible person.
• She hails from a well educated and reputed family. I admire her for her candidness, generosity and straightforward nature.
• We have been sharing strong and close bond since our childhood.
• She understands me well and always stands by me in thick and thin.
• I’m very happy that she is going to USA for studies but feel sad also that we won’t be able to meet for many days.
• I pray to Almighty for the wellbeing and happiness of my bosom friend.

Describe a well known family except your own family.
• I would like to talk about our next door neighbours. I consider their family as a happy and contented one.
• They have been residing in our neighbourhood for decades so they are more than just neighbours to us.
• Mr. Sharma is the head of the family. He has his wife, son and daughter in the family.
• Mr. Sharma is professor in university and Mrs. Sharma is also a teacher in school.
• We have warm relations with one another. The children in the family are like my elder brother and sister. Though i am the only child of my parents but they always treat me like their younger sibling and never let me feel alone.
• They help me in my studies and I spend quality time in their company.
• My father is a businessman and he travels a lot. In his absence Mr. And Mrs. Sharma help my mother and me to manage our affairs.
• Mr. Sharma is quite popular in our town for his generosity.
• He is known for his intelligence also. As he is a Professor of Mathematics, so many students come to him for clarifying their doubts regarding their studies. The most admirable quality of his is this he never charges even a single penny from students.
• I am lucky to have such nice people in my neighbourhood.

Describe a country you want to visit in future.
• Recently my friends came back from Dubai tour and they told me nice things about this city and country.
• Since then I have developed a fancy for this place and am planning to visit in near future.
• I browsed on internet also and was mesmerized with the beauty of the entire place.
• The reason of my strong liking for United Arab Emirates is the culture and traditions of this country.
• There are many famous cities like Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi etc.
• Dubai is the most famous and populous city of UAE. It is recognised around the world for Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, lavish Malls and desert safari.
• Though Dubai is one among the most expensive cities of the world even then millions of tourists visit this place.
• The modern Dubai is the epitome of ultra modern architectural advancements.
• One can witness the skyscrapers on one side and desert and camel rides on the other hand. This unusual combination of the city makes it prime choice for the travellers to visit.
• I’m making my plans to go to UAE and hope to see this beautiful place soon.

Describe any happiest event of your life.
• Happiness is the part and parcel of life. Without enjoyment, life becomes monotonous.
• Here I would like to describe an event which was full of fun and happy moments. It was the wedding of my elder brother which took place recently.
• My entire family was very much excited for this occasion but it was me who enjoyed this occasion to its fullest.
• This family function was the happiest event of my life.
• We had various events like ring ceremony, bachelor’s party and wedding ceremony.
• We all cousins enjoyed every function and clicked many pictures and kept on sending those to our friends.
• I got many new dresses for this event and participated in every ritual with excitement.
• I was very happy with this thought that there will be a new member in our family.
• I was extremely happy on this occasion.

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