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Describe the modes of transport people are using nowadays for travelling.

  • The contemporary world is changed a lot in comparison to earlier years and People travel a lot from one place to another for work or for leisure.
  • The modern transportation system is quite reliable thus making commuting quick and hassle free.
  • These days we can find two wheelers like scooter, bike and cycle etc.
  • There is a wide variety in four wheelers also. The markets are flooded with economy cars such as SUVs, MUVs and luxury cars.
  • Public transport is also used by students and working people extensively in their daily life.
  • Besides land transport, these days, people use water and air transport also.
  • In coastal areas, water channels are used to travel. For this, people use motorboats and ferries.
  • To travel to long distances, air mode of travelling is used as it is the fastest way of reaching to the destination.
  • But, to reach at nearby places people use intercity buses, trains or trams also according to the availability of the transport in particular region.
  • Most of the people prefer to use their private vehicles to go shopping, school/ college or to office. As they find these very handy as it saves time and energy.
  • In a nut shell, the usage of transport entirely depends on the availability of that mode at particular moment.


Describe a journey which you cancelled due to weather.


  • I love to travel a lot. I go on picnic often with my family and friends.
  • Last Sunday, we made a plan to go to Chandigarh to watch a recently released movie of my favourite actor with my family.
  • My younger brother and i were very much excited as it had been a long time since we went to theatre because of our tight study schedule.
  • We bought movie tickets online of morning show starting at 9.00 a.m. and made a plan to go for shopping in afternoon.
  • We made a shopping list also at night and were extremely excited.
  • On Sunday morning, when we got up, to our surprise it was a very bad day. There was a torrential rain. It was complete dark outside and there was thundering also.
  • My father suggested to cancel our plan as it was not a wise step to go out in thunderstorm.
  • We felt sad at heart but there was no other option for us.
  • It kept on raining heavily till noon and then we realised that we took a wise decision by staying at home.


Describe a song you have listened to and what did you feel after listening to it.

  • I am fond of listening to music. On my way to my college/office, I listen to songs in my car and if I travel by bus then I listen to songs on my mobile phone.
  • I still remember the song vividly which i listened to in last week.
  • It is a patriotic song and it has a deep meaning in it.
  • It gives the message of brotherhood and harmony.
  • The lyrics say that we all are Indians and are like brothers and we all have a same destination to reach at.
  • The Land of Kashmir is like the head of mother India and the grand Himalaya is like a crown on the head of queen. We Indians have been protecting this land by giving our blood. So we must remove cast and religion barriers and should join hands together for the welfare of humanity.
  • I was overwhelmed with feelings of empathy for my people.
  • I felt that every word of the song has a hidden meaning and it teaches us the lesson of humility, patience and love for all.
  • The words of this song still echo in my mind. I salute the lyricist to pen down such nice words.


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