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Asked on 10-2-2016

 Describe a moment when you took a long time to take a decision.

  • It happens with all that we feel ourselves caught in a dilemma and get confused to take right decision.
  • Sometimes, such decisions become turning points of life.
  • I still recall those days when I had to make a right choice for my career and i was in bewilderment.
  • After passing my senior secondary, I had to take admission in my bachelor degree and i was unable to decide the course to take.
  • I had interest in commerce but one of my teachers suggested our class to go for management studies.
  • He told us the benefits of that programme and painted a rosy picture of vast employment opportunities around the world. He guided us to take admission in IIM or in any other reputed institute.
  • I got extremely confused as I had already made up my mind to become a chartered account but his words regarding global work prospects, kept on echoing in my ears for many days.
  • I took advice from my friends and relatives also. The last date to apply for admission was fast approaching and I was indecisive.
  • After many deliberations, I decided to go for management studies.
  • Now I’m studying in the third year of management course in one of the best institute of India and I realise that I took the right decision at that time.
  • I attend various lectures and talks organised by our training and placement cell and I’m extremely happy that there are ample jobs for the management graduates also in this industry but I have made up my mind to go for my masters first.
  • I can say now that I made the right choice at that moment and this is going to pay me rich dividends in coming years.


Though I took too much time to decide, but I made the right decision. I’m happy and contented now.

Describe any old person you are known to.


I have many old people in my family and in relatives. They are my good friends. I admire all of them for their qualities.


  • Here I would like to talk about my grandfather whom I admire the most. He is in his eighties whereas I’m in my early twenties.
  • Since my birth, I have been observing his movements in our family and the control he holds on the lives of all family members.
  • He is a retired army man and is well disciplined.
  • He is enjoying perfect health and he gives all credit to his army life.
  • He has many stories of war days to tell us. We all children in the family love to listen to his tales of valour.
  • I have tons of words of praise for him. He has won gallantry award also for his bravery in battlefield.
  • Sometimes I wonder that how can he follow a strict regime of exercising and other fitness activities.
  • He is very much particular about his diet also and often guides us to take only health food and stay away from junk food.
  • His agility can be witnessed from his active participation in social welfare programms. He is member of many NGOs and he donates a big part of his earnings for the upliftment of the underprivileged children.
  • I salute his generosity and wish to become like him. His selfless love and concern for others make him stand apart from other elders in my social circle.

Describe an article or magazine you remember.

  • I read newspapers regularly. I have subscription of three newspapers and I read all daily.
  • Here I would like to describe an article I read in newspaper recently.
  • This article is from a series of a travelogue written by a famous columnist, traveller and photographer.
  • He described his journey to Dubai. He penned down the entire journey in such a perfect manner that after reading it I felt as I have seen the entire place with my own eyes.
  • He started the article with his flight experiences. He wrote about a callous co passenger who created ruckus after drinking heavily during the flight.
  • He described about the food, culture and traditions of that country also.
  • He included some nice pictures of tourist attractions also to make his article impressive.
  • I was awestruck after reading about the manmade ‘Palm Islands’ and the tallest building of Dubai Burj Khalifa. He wrote about most popular adventure “Desert Safari’ also.
  • He gave detailed description of these places and events and painted a rosy picture of this beautiful country.
  • I have read this article thrice and found it very informative and interesting.


Describe any goal you have decided to achieve in future.

  • Setting a goal in life gives direction to the efforts made in achieving that target. Without any aim or future plan, life is like a rudder less boat.
  • I have already set up my goal and all of my hardships are done in keeping my aim in my mind.
  • Now, I have a clear path in front of me and know well that how many efforts I have to put in to reach at my destination.
  • I want to become a language teacher and putting my level best to accomplish this target.
  • I am doing my bachelor of education with full dedication and acquiring all the skills needed to become a perfect teacher.
  • I work on different techniques and strategies during my teaching practice sessions to ascertain the most effective way of teaching students of all levels in one classroom setup.
  • I have planned to pass this course with flying colours.
  • After completion of my course, I will look for suitable job in my field.
  • I have already dropped my resumes in some schools on the basis of my masters’ degree and looking forward to finish my studies in a couple of months.
  • I’m very much confident that i will be able to secure a position for myself in some reputed in language school.


Describe a family apart from yours, why do you like that family?

  • I would like to talk about our next door neighbours. I consider their family as a happy and contented one.
  • They have been residing in our neighbourhood for decades so they are more than just neighbours to us.
  • Sharma is the head of the family. He has his wife, son and daughter in the family.
  • Sharma is professor in university and Mrs. Sharma is also a teacher in school.
  • We have warm relations with one another. The children in the family are like my elder brother and sister. Though i am the only child of my parents but they always treat me like their younger sibling and never let me feel alone.
  • They help me in my studies and I spend quality time in their company.
  • My father is a businessman and he travels a lot. In his absence Mr. And Mrs. Sharma help my mother and me to manage our household affairs.
  • Sharma is quite popular in our town for his generosity.
  • He is known for his intelligence also. As he is a Professor of Mathematics, so many students come to him for clarifying their doubts regarding their studies. The most admirable quality of his is this he never charges even a single penny from students.
  • Sharma family is well cultured, sociable and down to earth. I admire them all for their warm nature. As it’s quite difficult to find true friends in this modern callous world.
  • I am lucky to have such nice people in my neighbourhood.



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