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Cue card topics of 11-02-2016

Describe your favourite weather.

  • We have major four seasons in our country, India. These are summer, autumn, winter and spring.
  • My favourite season is spring which comes after winter.
  • Spring season in India falls in the months of March, April and May.
  • This is the favourite time of the year for everyone as it comes after the bone chilling cold months of December, Jan and Feb.
  • During spring months, flowers bloom in the gardens and nature remains at its best. It seems as entire flora has worn colourful attire.
  • We can see greenery all around us and can hear the humming of honey bees in the gardens which hover on the flowers to collect the nectar to prepare sweet honey.
  • I spend most of my time in my domestic garden. I run after colourful butterflies with my younger cousins/ nephews and nieces.
  • Unlike the months of summer and winter, temperature remains normal in spring. It’s not too cold and not too hot. The sky becomes clear. I enjoy watching towards floating clouds and enjoy gentle and refreshing breeze.
  • This season rejuvenates the minds and everything on the earth looks adorable and charming.
  • The mild temperature and warmth of the days is conducive for the ripening of the crops also. These months are eagerly awaited by the farmers as they harvest their crops in the last month of spring season.
  • I like this season very much as it is the time for festivals also. I enjoy Holi festival a lot. This is also known as a festival of colours. People throw colours on one another and these frolicsome days add colour in life.
  • I like spring season the most as it provides great pleasure, joy and happiness.


Describe your favourite item of clothing.

  • I wear clothes according to the need of the time and i feel comfortable in every type of attire whether it is trousers or jeans clothes, salwar suit or saree.
  • But my favourite item of clothing is jeans pants. This is one such piece of dress which is worn in every corner of the world.
  • It is found in various colours and is favourite of children, youngsters and adults also.
  • I prefer to wear it because of the comfort it provides. It’s quite handy for the college going boys and girl as jeans can be worn daily, in parties and on special occasions also. Besides this, it doesn’t need ironing also.
  • I wear it with formal shirt, tees and with ethnic kurtas for my college and for parties.
  • I like the rough and tough look of this piece of clothing. It lends me active and smart look. I can participate in sports also in this outfit.
  • Besides this, jeans pants are found in a variety of styles and designs also which is not available for formal clothing.
  • Jeans pants are found in readymade state and one can save the time and botheration wasted in getting other dress types stitched from the tailors.
  • Almost all fashion houses manufacture jeans pants and fashionistas buy them according to their pocket.
  • There are many benefits of this clothing item for me. This has always been my favourite dress and i have a huge variety of this in terms of colour and fit.

Describe a person in news whom you want to meet.

  • Media is a great source of gaining information about various happenings around the world.
  • Through news and other programmes, broadcasted on T.V., we come to know about some popular and impressive personalities of present and past times.
  • In my country, politicians, actors and sports personalities are quite popular among masses.
  • Like other young people, i also like to read and watch about film actors and actresses.
  • In last week, I saw a programme made on the life of Amitabh Bachan on T.V.
  • That show revealed many hidden facts about the life and personality of this super star of my country.
  • Amitabh Bachan is also known as Big B and he has millions of his admirers around the world.
  • It was shown in the programme that how he started his acting career in Bollywood and the difficulties he faced. He started his own production house also but that venture was a complete failure and he had to face a very tough time.
  • I got inspiration from his life story that despite of many hardships, he achieved the zenith in Indian film industry with his courage and determination.
  • After watching this show, I came to know that he does a lot of work for charity and he is an active member of many NGO’s.
  • He is a brand ambassador of many companies and endorses their products.
  • Most of the people buy such products only because they trust Amitabh Bachan.
  • Like other millions of people I wish to meet this iconic personality in real life.
  • That T.V. programme ignited my feelings to have a face to face chat with this great personality.

Which country would you like to visit in future?

  • I have never got a chance to visit any foreign land. I have been residing in my hometown since my birth.
  • But , I would like to visit New Zealand in future, if i get a chance.
  • My friends and cousins are there and they have told me wonderful things about the beauty of this country.
  • My cousins are residing in Auckland which is the most populous city of New Zealand. They went there for higher studies and now are settled permanently.
  • I came to know from them that this is the favourite place for tourists.
  • The stunning beaches and majestic coastlines make it a haven for visitors around the world.
  • There are many islands also where visitors throng to enjoy the natural beauty.
  • Though this country is small in size in comparison to Australia, Canada and America but in terms of greenery and natural beauty it surpasses other nations.
  • I have developed a strong fancy for this place and would love to visit it.

Describe a thing you bought and you felt pleasure.

  • I’m very much fond of shopping. A big part of my pocket money is gone in to shopping expenses.
  • These days, I’m shop on line as it is quite handy and hassle free. Besides this, one can get exciting deals and can save money also.
  • I purchased a pair of footwear recently and felt happy.
  • I had an eye on this pair for many days but as it was of four thousand rupees so i couldn’t afford. I did not want to spend my entire pocket money for buying one thing only.
  • I kept on checking for this almost daily.
  • On last Wednesday night when i visited the same online website again, i found the same pair of footwear in sale section with an offer of 50% off.
  • I got excited and placed the order immediately. I was lucky enough as there were only two pairs left in the stock, of the size I wear.
  • I was waiting impatiently for the home delivery of my purchasing and I received the courier on Saturday morning.
  • I felt extremely happy after wearing those footwear and my friends also liked my choice.











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