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Asked on 12th and 13th February 2016.

Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise.

  • The increase in the level of noise is a great concern for all. I think people are responsible themselves for creating noise pollution.
  • I don’t forget that day when my neighbours made loud noise and disturbed the entire locality.
  • They had wedding of their son in last month.  I know such occasions are meant to celebrate with great fervour but people must think about the comfort of others also.
  • They had an arrangement of DJ system and they started playing songs from  early in the morning and their family children were dancing and screaming and were adding more to the existing loud noise.
  • It was a restless day for all in the street.
  • I got disturbed also as my exam preparatory days were going on at that time. I was worried about my exam which was scheduled on the next day.
  • They didn’t slow down the volume, even a bit, till noon and then I decided to go to my friend’s place who resides in the other part of the town.
  • When I returned back at 8.00 pm, I was surprised to see that they had installed a tent in the street and a dance floor was also laid down there. They were in party mood. They kept on dancing till midnight.
  • We were left with no other choice but to bear the loud noise. it caused a great discomfort to all in the locality. The ear-splitting music made all agitated.
  • I wonder how people can be so callous!
  • We must always take care of the comforts of others also.
  • That was really a noisy day.


Describe an interesting animal you saw?

  • Where you saw it?

  • How was it interesting?

  • How you felt?


  • I went to a zoo last month and there I got a chance to see many wild animals like lion, tiger, hippopotamus and wild boar in proximity.
  • I got happy to see many tigers and became aware about many hidden facts about its qualities.
  • I was alarmed with this revelation that tiger is declared as an endangered species on this earth. Its population is decreasing day by day.
  • Wild tiger numbers are at an all-time low now. It is figured out that 97% of tigers are lost in just over a century.
  • The major reason of this depletion in population growth is the elimination of natural habitat of these majestic creatures.
  • I found tiger very interesting. Our guide told us about its speed and agility. Tiger is the fastest land animal. The ferocity with which it pounces upon its prey is marvellous.
  • I liked this animal for its skin colour also, the black stripes on orange skin lends it magnificent looks. But the sad fact is that it is killed and its skin is smuggled in international market.
  • I felt very sorry for the ill fate of this animal.
  • I came to know that government is very strict these days and the poachers are dealt with strict actions. Various measures are also taken to save this wonderful creature. Wild sanctuaries are planned and the breeding of these animals are supervised by veterinary experts.
  • I found my visit to zoo very informative and I enjoyed a lot.


Describe a photograph of you childhood you have kept safe.

  • Pictures are a great source of retaining and cherishing sweet memories of gone days.
  • My father was fond of clicking pictures of our entire family.
  • We have hundreds of photographs of our childhood taken by him with his Sony camera.
  • As I was the elder child of the family, he tried to capture all moments of my infancy and childhood.
  • All the pictures show me as a baby with chubby cheeks. I look very cute and innocent in all.
  • The picture I like the most of mine is clicked on my first day of school when i was ready in uniform and was about to leave for my school.
  • This picture is my favourite and it is very meaningful also.
  • I look very pretty in school uniform, with a bag on my shoulders and a water bottle in my hands.
  • This picture has hundreds of words to say.
  • It shows me with a winsome smile on my face and gleaming eyes.
  • Though I don’t remember anything about the first day of my school but it is my father and mother who tell me that I went to school very happily, unlike other children.
  • I still enjoy looking at this picture and keep it safely in my almirah.


Describe a short holiday you spent at some one’s house.

  • To whom you visited?
  • What you did?
  • Had you enjoyed?
  • My friend and i made a plan to visit my maternal uncle’s house in our last summer holidays.
  • He resides in Chandigarh with his family. This city is known as city beautiful and is a famous tourist place.
  • We spent four days there.
  • My cousins were also free from their college. we all had a great time.
  • We went to see many places such as Rose garden, Rock garden, Sukhna Lake, Art gallery and Pinjore garden also.
  • We went to shop also and bought many things.
  • My cousins took us to theatre also and there we saw a movie. It was a great fun there.
  • My maternal aunt is a gentle lady. She made us try different cuisines she prepared at home. I must say, she cooks like a chef. We relished on different food items she made for us.
  • She made our stay extremely comfortable and memorable.
  • We enjoyed a lot and still recall those four days.

Describe a place where you visited and that place having a lot of water.

This place can be an island or a beach. In India it can be Goa or Kerala as these places are famous as tourist attractions or you can speak about any another place also.


  • A couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to visit my friends in Auckland in New Zealand and from there we went to Waiheke  Island by a ferry and it took us about 30 minutes to reach there.
  • Being an island it has water all around it and to reach the nearby smaller islands people use ferries and small motor boats.
  • The Waiheke Island is a famous place for stunning beaches, majestic coastlines and is a haven for beautiful vineyards and olive groves.
  • Since my friends told me about this fact, I was keen to spend some time on the beach and visit a winery and see the whole process of wine making also and luckily got the chance too.
  • We spent the entire day on the beach by swimming in the clear waters, taking sun bath and enjoying the company of sea gulls.
  • We splashed water on one another and collected beautiful pebbles also walked on the wet sand by leaving footprints behind and also screamed with joy like a child when water tides washed away those footprints.
  • The Maori friends of my own friends had their barbecue in their van and we enjoyed our food over their on the seashore.
  • We went to see the historic coromandel town also to experience the stunning landscapes of the area and enjoy walks along the seashore.
  • Though many months are gone since I returned back from Auckland but the memories are still fresh in my mind.
  • I often recall the days spent on Waiheke Island and it brings a smile on my face and I yearn to go there again.

Describe a place where you have never been but would like to visit.


Describe a future place you would like to go.

  • Recently my friends came back from Dubai tour and they told me nice things about this city and country.
  • Since then I have developed a fancy for this place and am planning to visit in near future.
  • I browsed on internet also and was mesmerized with the beauty of the entire place.
  • The reason of my strong liking for United Arab Emirates is the culture and traditions of this country.
  • There are many famous cities like Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi etc.
  • Dubai is the most famous and populous city of UAE. It is recognised around the world for Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, lavish Malls and desert safari.
  • Though Dubai is one among the most expensive cities of the world even then millions of tourists visit this place.
  • The modern Dubai is an epitome of ultra modern architectural advancements.
  • One can witness the skyscrapers on one side and desert and camel rides on the other hand. This unusual combination of the city makes it prime choice for the travellers to visit.
  • I’m making my plans to go to UAE and hope to see this beautiful place soon.


Describe a dinner which you enjoyed with your friends.


  • We have a circle of 8 friends. We often go out together for shopping, eating and watching movie.
  • We all remain busy in our jobs/ studies and seldom meet in weekdays but we spend weekends together. Such outings refresh mundane routines.
  • We planned a dinner this weekend in our favourite restaurant ‘Sagar Ratna”. This eatery serves only vegetarian food that’s why we prefer to go to this restaurant as we all are vegan.
  • We gathered there at 7.00 pm and ordered snacks for starters. I gave order of ‘dahi vada’ , it is south Indian dish which contains sweet curd and a small ball made of coarsely grinded lentils.  This is my favourite dish.
  • Some of my friends ordered roasted garlic bread and veg sizzler.
  • We enjoyed the soft music which was being played there by the musicians.
  • We placed our order for the dinner at 8.00. We had south Indian deluxe thali, masala dosa, manchurian , fried rice, mix vegetable , and shahi paneer, a dish made of cottage cheese dipped in cashew and cream gravy.
  • We shared all the affairs of the week with one another, on dinner table and had hearty laugh on jokes also.
  • We had a wholesome meal and enjoyed ice cream in dessert also.
  • We left the restaurant around 9.30 with fresh mind and with a plan to meet soon again.

Describe an item of clothing which was presented by someone.

  • On my last birthday, my father presented me a leather jacket which I had been longing to have for many days.
  • As my birthday falls in the month of December, so leather jacket was an appropriate gift according to the weather.
  • It was of camel colour and of Tommy Hilfiger brand.
  • My father was well aware about my penchant for this jacket. Once we visited the Tommy Hilfiger store together in my city and found the same jacket there. But it was quite expensive at that time so I dropped the idea to buy that.
  • I talked to my father afterwards also about the same jacket and wished to have.
  • My father was generous enough to buy the same item of clothing for me on my special day.
  • I got extremely happy after seeing my birthday gift.
  • I gave a bear hug to my father and thanked him many times. He also got happy after seeing my excitement.


Describe a person who travels a lot in the plane.

  • Some people travel a lot for work or for leisure.
  • Here I would like to talk about one of my colleagues who travels a lot in plane.
  • She keeps a big friends’ circle. All of her friends love to go on outing like her.
  • My colleague Drishti, has grown up children so she can spare time for herself unlike me as i have a young baby to look after.
  • She often says that she is free from the household worries as her children manage their affairs at their own so she can go anywhere without any second thought.
  • On an average, she travels in plane once in two months.
  • She has her relatives residing in foreign countries so she visits them also. Besides this, she prefers to travel in plane even with in the country itself.
  • She makes plans every now and then and sometimes we all wonder at her quickness to plan tours.
  • She goes for any sightseeing even on long weekends and it’s upon her return to work when we come to know about her short trip.
  • She is independent and fun loving person.
  • We all admire her for her these qualities.








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