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Describe a famous family of your country.

  • People become famous because of many reasons. They get publicity because of the social work they do or for the fortune they possess.
  • There are many renowned families in my country.
  • Some of them are related to business houses, some have political links and some have royal lineage.
  • Here I would like to talk about one such family which is well known in my country and they reside in the same city where I live.
  • This family is known as a family of politicians. Unlike other political leaders, they all are humble and down to earth.
  • At present, third generation of that family is active in politics. Their ancestors have sacrificed their lives in world wars and in Indian freedom struggle also.
  • This clan has strong hold on the mind sets of common people and are revered by all.
  • The present generation is involved more in social welfare than political dealings.
  • The best part is that they value education a lot. They have opened various schools, colleges and a university also. There they offer advanced professional education on very nominal fee.
  • They are making youth skilful and preparing them to face the challenges of corporate sector.
  • I like their working system as it is quite transparent. They are fair and square in their dealing with all.
  • I admire them for their actions and policies which they make for the betterment of the people.
  • I wish them great success in their life.

Describe an interesting story which you heard in your childhood.


  • I was very fond of listening to stories in my childhood.
  • My grandmother was a great story teller and she used to tell me bed time stories about fairies, princes and princesses and witches and witchcraft. She told me many stories about animals and birds also. Her way of narrating the story was remarkable.
  • I still remember the tale of Hare and Tortoise. I found this very interesting as it has a moral lesson for the entire life.
  • This story is about a tortoise and hare which used to live together in a jungle.
  • The hare was a fast runner whereas tortoise used to walk on snail’s pace. The hare used to make fun of tortoise for its slow speed and one day it challenged the tortoise for a competition. Both agreed and started a race. The hare ran extremely fast and in no time it went out of sight.
  • On the other hand, the tortoise kept on moving slowly and steadily. The hare got tired after some time and decided to take rest for a while but soon it went in to sound sleep.
  • But the tortoise didn’t stop to take rest and reached at the finish point. When the hare woke up, it rushed towards the destination but was late. It felt ashamed to see tortoise there and then realised its folly.
  • This story tells us that we must not boast of any of our quality. The moral of the tale is that slow and steady one can win the race. This teaches us the lesson that we must not be in a rush to achieve anything in life rather be firm and steady and should maintain a normal speed.
  • This consistency can ensure success as if we move slowly then we tend to make fewer mistakes.
  • I still like this story for the message it gives. It teaches us to be humble and polite and to respect others for their qualities.


Describe any foreign country which you never want to visit.

  • Visiting any foreign country is always fun filled and informative.
  • I have already been to Canada, England, New Zealand and UAE. I ‘m planning to go to Australia very soon.
  • But the country which I think, I would never love to visit is Pakistan.
  • Though this is my neighbouring country and my nation and this country have many similarities but the social environment there is not welcoming.
  • The reason of this is that some extremist groups are nurturing an enmity for my nation. They are poisoning the minds of folks against us.
  • This country has one religious group in majority and they treat other minority groups badly. They have the same feelings of hatred and jealousy for people of other countries also.
  • So most of the tourists avoid going there.
  • In other words it can be said that a civil war is going on inside the country itself. This ruins the entire ambience of the society.
  • The natives of this country are struggling for their social freedom but the anti social elements are making their lives worse than hell.
  • I feel pity for the helpless people as they face adverse situations every now and then.
  • But the fact is that India and Pakistan were united around 7 decades ago. Still, people of both nations share some bonds and would love to maintain those in future.
  • But I am scared to go there and will never be able to, if the circumstances remain same in future also.


Describe any useful thing you mostly borrowed from your friend.

  • I used to share and exchange my things with my best friend like others.
  • We were in the same school and class so most of our time used to spend together.
  • Sonia was my soul mate and we are still very good friends.
  • I remember very vividly that I used to borrow her science notebook for copying the class notes.
  • I had least interest in science subject and found it very boring to make notes of class lecture.
  • But in order to make assignments and to prepare for tests I had to complete my notebook. For this I used to borrow Sonia’s science notebook.
  • She was kind enough to lend her things to me whenever I needed.
  • Even during exams, she never hesitated but always helped me in finishing my work.
  • She always stood by me when my mother got annoyed for not finishing my science class work.
  • I love my friend a lot and admire her for her generosity.


Describe any clothing item gifted by someone.

  • On my last birthday, my father presented me a leather jacket which I had been longing to have for many days.
  • As my birthday falls in the month of December, so leather jacket was an appropriate gift according to the weather.
  • It was of camel colour and of Tommy Hilfiger brand.
  • My father was well aware about my penchant for this jacket. Once we visited the Tommy Hilfiger store together in my city and found the same jacket there. But it was quite expensive at that time so I dropped the idea to buy that.
  • I talked to my father afterwards also about the same jacket and wished to have.
  • My father was generous enough to buy the same item of clothing for me on my special day.
  • I got extremely happy after seeing my birthday gift.
  • I gave a bear hug to my father and thanked him many times. He also got happy after seeing my excitement.



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