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Asked on 16th& 17th February 2016.

Describe any childhood toy.

  • I had many toys in my different phases of childhood. As I was the only child of my parents so they used to bring me all sorts of toys to kill my boredom/ to keep me engaged.
  • I used to play with all cautiously to avoid any damage.
  • I still remember that out of all those my favourite one was a grand Doll house. It was a miniature version of life-sized building.
  • It was a Barbie Pink Plastic doll house presented by my parents on my 8th
  • This doll house had three floors with all sorts of furniture items such as bed set for bedroom, all kitchen equipment and sofa for living room along with TV, Telephone set, and all bathroom accessories. It had a car and garage also.
  • I still remember that it was packed in a box which I had to assemble myself. I was extremely excited at that time and it took me hours to arrange it but I enjoyed a lot.
  • I was very possessive about this doll house and my mother tells me that I never allowed any of my cousins to even touch it.
  • None of my friends and cousins had such grand doll house and I felt proud of that possession.
  • My mother tells me that I kept that with me till I was of 15 years and then I gave that to an orphanage.
  • I have many pictures of mine while playing with the doll house which were clicked by my parents.
  • I enjoy watching those pictures now and am keeping them safely in my personal album.


Describe a person whom you know and who works for the society, which is useful for the society.

  • I have great reverence for those who work selflessly for the welfare of others.
  • There are many social welfare clubs and NGOs in my city and I’m also a member of one such organisation.
  • The president of our club is a man with extraordinary traits. I admire him for his vision. He is a source of inspiration to all.
  • He is a retired professor and his passion for empowering the underprivileged children is an apt example of his farsightedness.
  • He goes to slum areas and teaches the children there. He also gathers all rag pickers on Saturdays and Sundays and teaches them alphabets and basic numeric.
  • He has compassion for poor children and does his level best to make them skilful.
  • He tells himself that he vowed to contribute his lot for the welfare of his society when he got his very first job of a teacher and since then he has been providing these services to the needy one.
  • We, all, club members admire him for his generosity and compassionate nature.
  • His actions are useful to the society as it is commonly said that children are nation builders so we must teach them for their bright and secure future.
  • I think such social workers are torch bearers and we must tread on the paths shown by them and leave footprints for the coming generations also.


Describe a moment when someone clicked your photograph and you liked it.

  • Photographs retain memories of life forever.
  • I like to click picture of others and my own also with my Apple i phone.
  • I have many picture albums of my family members at my home. My father was an amateur photographer. He captured many precious moments of my entire family.
  • It’s a great fun watching those photographs in leisure time.
  • Recently, my father clicked a picture of mine on Holi festival. This festival is also known as festival of colours. I was unaware of the fact that my father was capturing moments of that day in his camera. We all cousins were busy in Holi celebrations.
  • We were throwing colour and water on one another excitedly.
  • My face was smeared with different colours and i was completely drenched with water from head to toe.
  • We all were in the same condition and were enjoying the day fully.
  • Then I noticed my father with his digital camera in his hands moving here and there and clicking some photographs.
  • In the evening, he asked me to look at the pictures taken during the daytime. I checked in his laptop and found many interesting photographs.
  • I liked one of my pictures the most in which i was standing in the middle and my cousins were throwing coloured water on me with their water guns. I was completely drenched at that time.
  • I still enjoy watching all those photographs of Holi celebration and especially the one in which I was standing helplessly being attacked by all from many sides.


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