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Asked on 18th & 19th Feb.2016

Describe a moment when you forgot to bring something important.

  • I keep good memory and don’t forget things easily. But I still remember the day when I forgot to bring a very important thing.
  • It was the ring ceremony of my elder sister and I was given the responsibility of collecting the engagement ring from the jeweller.
  • As this function was planned on a very short notice, we all were in a rush to complete things in time. We had to make all arrangements in 2 days only.
  • My father was quite busy in managing affairs like finalising the hall and decoration for the ceremony, deciding the menu and mother was busy in buying gifts for the guests.
  • My sister and I went to the jeweller to choose engagement ring for her would be fiancé on day before her engagement.
  • We saw many rings and finalised one design but that was not available in the size we needed.
  • The jeweller asked us to collect the same on next day at 9.00 in the morning.
  • But, I forgot to visit the jeweller and got busy in receiving the guests at the banquet hall.
  • When my mother asked me about the engagement ring, then I realised my mistake and ran quickly towards my car.
  • I drove my car on a fast speed to reach at the jeweller’s shop to collect the ring but I got stuck in the traffic and it took me 45 minutes to reach back at the venue after collecting the ring and heaved a sigh of relief.
  • All were waiting for me. I felt ashamed on myself that how could I forget such an important thing.


Describe any antique piece you have at home.

  • We have many antique furniture items at home. There is one wooden rocking chair which is around 100 years old; it is of the time of my great grandfather.
  • Our store room is also filled with brass utensils such as big cauldrons, buckets and cooking pans.
  • Here I would like to talk about another antique item which is an asset of our family.
  • It is gold jewellery piece. It is a necklace commonly known as’ Rani Haar’ in my culture.
  • This necklace is five layered and made of kundan stone. It has matching danglers with a white pearl droplet on bottom.
  • This piece of jewellery is of my great grandmother and is passed from one generation to the next generation.
  • My mother wears this on weddings and other family functions. This necklace lends her royal look.
  • She receives lots of compliments whenever she sports it with her traditional attires.
  • I have a great fancy for this set and wish to have one such for my wedding also.
  • We approached our jeweller to make the replica of the same but he told us that it is handmade and these days such artisans are found rarely who work skilfully.
  • My mother and I feel proud to possess an antique jewellery item like this and sometimes I feel envy for my sister in law also who is going to be the next owner of this asset.


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