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Describe a place you visited & found it polluted.

  • I went to Amritsar in last month with my friends.
  • We went there to pay our obeisance in Shri Harmandir Sahib, commonly known as Golden Temple. This is the famous shrine of Sikhism.
  • Though this city is called the Holy city but the garbage and pollution has defaced this place.
  • We went there by train and from railway station we hired an auto rickshaw to reach at our destination.
  • The auto rickshaw driver took the shortest path to reach quickly. For this he made us go through narrow lanes of the city and residential area.
  • To our surprise, we found heaps of rubbish lying here and there and the water drains were choked with polythene bags.
  • We asked the driver if there is any strike of municipal workers as the city streets and roads are not cleaned up but he replied that this is the routine affair.
  • The city which is famous around the world and is a place of pilgrimage was in a shabby condition.
  • Besides domestic garbage, factory fumes were also adding in to the existing pollution.
  • It seemed like evening during noon time as the smoke has engulfed the entire city .We felt trouble in breathing also.
  • We were surprised at the callous approach of the local administration. There must be strong measures to curb the menace of pollution.
  • Some days after our visit to Amritsar, I read an article in newspaper about most polluted cities of India and I was shocked to read that Amritsar was rated as one of the most polluted cities of the country.
  • I wish that this stigma of “polluted city” be removed from the name of Amritsar and people call it Holy city.


Describe a person who has an important job to do and you know him.

  • I think everyone’s job is important in some way or another. Here, I would like to talk about Mr. Singh, a professor.
  • Singh is a professor who taught me English when i was in college. He was in his early 50s, a couple of years ago when I was in my first year of graduation.
  • He was a man with short stature and grey hair. He usually wore simple clothes and big glasses.
  • He spoke very slowly but he was very popular for his friendly nature amongst students.
  • He was a true scholar as he authored many grammar books for basic, intermediate and advance level learners.
  • He was the founder of English Society in our college and under his able guidance this society organised many literary fests where renowned authors were invited to address the budding writers.
  • He is a source of inspiration to all. Though he is retired now but still he teaches on honorary basis in the same college.
  • I also attend the literary fests in the same fashion as i used to, during my college days.
  • I found being a teacher an important job because teachers not only impart the bookish knowledge, but also social and moral ethics.
  • They help us to become good human beings. They are the nation builders who shape the youth, the future of every country.
  • I think teachers are an important part of the society and obviously the work they do is of high esteem.


Describe any environmental law of your country.

  • I think that this becomes the responsibility of all individuals to contribute their lot for the protection of our environment.
  • But the callous attitude of people has enforced the authorities to take strict actions against the violators.
  • There are many laws made by governments for the protection of flora and fauna, on this earth.
  • Here I would like to talk about one such rule which says that it is illegal to burn the crop stubble.
  • My country India has an agrarian society. Majority of the people are farmers. It is a common practice to burn the stubble on the fields, in order to prepare the farms for next crop.
  • This burning of paddy husk in the months of September and October causes a lot of air pollution.
  • This smog is a big threat to the environment as the poisonous gases are released which damage our ozone layer and besides this, the fertility of the soil is also affected.
  • Government is very strict these days to punish the law breakers. Though this rule has been there for many years but it is implemented very strictly these days.
  • Heavy penalties are imposed on the violators to stop them.
  • I favour this law fully because if people don’t abide by laws willingly then authorities must make them follow, strictly.


Describe a song which makes you recall memories of your past.

  • The other day I was listening to radio in my free time and then a song was on air and after listening to it I became nostalgic about my school days.
  • This song reminded me of my old and gold days when we used to assemble for Morning Prayer, before the starting of our classes, every morning in our school.
  • The lyrics ‘ sare jahan se achha Hindustan hamara” say that our country India is the best place to live on this earth in the entire world. We all are its nightingales and it is our garden abode.
  • This song is an ode to Hindustan, a land prior partition. This is written by Iqbal , a Muslim writer , in Urdu language, about  a century ago.
  • After listening to this song on radio, I went back into my memories and recalled how we all students used to sing this in chorus and it was almost the routine practice of our school principal to tell us the meaning of those words.
  • Every student of the school had learnt the full song and its meaning by heart, because of the efforts of school principal.
  • All the students of the school lived like brothers and sisters irrespective of their origin and religion.
  • I find this song fully relevant in modern times also when people are narrow minded and are nurturing enmity against one another on the name of religion.
  • One of the stanzas of this song says that religion doesn’t teach us to bear animosity amongst ourselves as we are of Hind; our Homeland is Hindustan that means India.
  • I enjoyed listening to this song a lot and the memories of my schooldays made me nostalgic about gone days.


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