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Describe an article you have read in any magazine related to health.

Now a days people are very conscious about their looks and wellbeing. They work out regularly in gym and go for walk and jogging also.

  • I am also very health conscious person and i often read health related columns and blogs written by health experts and dieticians in newspapers, magazines and on internet.
  • On last Sunday, i read an article in a magazine about keeping fit.
  • This article was written by famous dietician Ms. Yasmine Kochar.
  • It was very informative as the writer wrote about different diets for keeping ourselves fit. She also mentioned the importance of drinking hot water and she shared the names of some commonly found herbs in our domestic kitchen to cure various flues.
  • I read about the significance of fruits salad and sprouts salad also and the need of fibre for healthy stomach. She advised to munch fruits more rather than taking fresh juice even.
  • She also gave a diet chart of seven days which helps to detoxify the body and ultimately helps in weight reduction. I have noted down that diet plan and pasted it on the wall of my room.
  • I have read that article three times, till now, as it sounds very interesting. It’s only after reading this column i came to know that watermelon and melon help in weight control.
  • Now i’m waiting eagerly for the next edition of the same magazine to read the next article as Yasmine writes on regular basis for this magazine.
  • I checked her account on internet also and found many other interesting facts about food and health.
  • This article enhanced my knowledge about the selection of healthy food items and i liked it very much.


Describe a dream house you want in future.

  • Like other young people, I also have dream of big house and luxury car of my own.
  • I know well that to achieve this lot of efforts are needed to put into.
  • First, I have to finish my studies and find a suitable job to earn well.
  • My dream house will be in a cosmopolitan city. I will prefer to live amidst multi-ethnic groups.
  • I want a smart house for me, an epitome of technological advancements.
  • I have read in magazines and on internet also about smart houses which are in vogue these days. These are energy savers and are environment friendly also.
  • There would be four bedrooms, drawing room, family room, a big study room and a smart modular kitchen, equipped with sophisticated appliances.
  • It will have centrally controlled heating and cooling system.
  • I will leave ample space for lush green lawn and plants around the house and a kitchen garden will also be there in my house.
  • I love swimming so I may plan a water pool according to the space either on ground floor or on terrace.
  • Above all there will be a prayer room also on the top floor of my house where my family and I will sit in serene atmosphere to read scriptures and to listen to religious preaching and hymns.
  • I’ll work hard to secure an appropriate job according to my qualification so that I earn well and fulfil my dream to own a grand house.

 Describe a day when you faced problem due to weather.

  • Last Sunday, we made a plan to go to Chandigarh to watch a recently released movie of my favourite actor with my family.
  • My younger brother and I were very much excited as it had been a long time since we went to theatre because of our tight study schedule.
  • We bought movie tickets online of morning show starting at 9.00 a.m. and made a plan to go shopping in afternoon.
  • We made a shopping list also at night and were extremely excited.
  • On Sunday morning, when we got up, to our surprise it was a very bad day. There was a torrential rain. It was complete dark outside and there was thundering also.
  • My father suggested to cancel our plan as it was not a wise step to go out in thunderstorm.
  • But we were not ready to postpone as we had already many plans. We decided to skip movie but planned to go shopping at noon.
  • The rain stopped by 11.00 then we started getting ready and left at 12.00 noon.
  • To our surprise, all the roads were water logged and there were long queues of vehicles stranded in traffic jam.
  • We had to struggle a lot to reach at our destination.
  • There was a huge rush in market also and we couldn’t find parking space and my father had to remain in the car as we were unable to park it.
  • My mother, brother and I waded through the water to go to different shops and felt sorry for our father as he had to sit in the car.
  • We finished our shopping in 2 hours and then rejoined our father and apologised him for not following his advice.
  • We returned back in the evening. We still remember that day when we had to face many problems due to bad weather.

 Describe a situation when you made difficult choice.

  • Right choice made at right time, plays crucial role in life.
  • Sometimes it becomes quite tough to make the right choice.
  • It happened with me also when I was very much confused to take the right step.
  • After passing my graduation, I had to go for higher studies.
  • As I am from a small town, there are not many educational facilities available.
  • There is only one City College where student go for their masters programmes.
  • I was also planning to take admission in that institution but my father advised me to go to university which is around 70 kilometres away from my home town.
  • Studying in the university means I had to stay in the hostel there as it was not feasible to commute daily. But I was not ready to reside in the hostel at that moment as I had never been away from my family.
  • I was indecisive to take the right decision and got confused.
  • My father didn’t impose his preference on me rather he left me with my choices.
  • After many deliberations, I zeroed in on going to the university for my master’s degree in English literature.
  • I feel now that I took the right decision at that time.
  • Studying in the university department broadened my vision and I got the chance to attend the classes and lectures of professors and scholars.
  • I enjoyed a lot in the company of other hostellers and learnt a lot about other cultures also.
  • That decision of mine is paying me rich dividends now, as I am an English teacher and the knowledge and skills gained in the university are helping me in my teaching profession.

 Any new skill you want to learn.

  • In the modern world of competition, people want to become skilful in one or another field.
  • In order to become an adept in professional and academic field, a lot of efforts are put into.
  • Here I would like to speak about one such skill which I wish to acquire for life. Being a girl, I think that this will help me in my coming years.
  • I want to improve my culinary skills. Though I can prepare food with basic ingredients in a simple manner but I would be more than happy to learn different cuisines.
  • I am planning to join a cooking course in my summer college vacations.
  • I have also got a subscription of food channels on my television and watch shows of famous chefs such as Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Pankaj and Vikas Khanna.
  • I find these shows very interesting and informative and learn different recipes daily.
  • The reason of my strong wish to acquire cooking skills is that all my friends and cousins are extremely good in it and whenever I find them discussing about new recipes I realise my shortcoming.
  • Except this, after watching food shows on TV I have developed a strong fancy for this skill and want to prepare mouth watering and finger licking dishes.

Describe any past journey.

  • We planned a tour of three days to Agra in the last month with my friends.
  • This is a famous tourist city and is about 500 kilometres away from our home town. Agra is known for Taj Mahal , around the world, and every year millions of tourists come to see this mausoleum .
  • The journey takes 7-8 hours, on an average, if you drive continuously.
  • We were around 14 people and hired a van to go there.
  • We were in enjoyment mood and were not in a hurry to reach at our destination so we decided to take small halts on the way.
  • We stopped thrice for meals on roadside food points and relished on our snacks and lunch.
  • We were going singing and dancing, in the van, and reached at our hotel somewhere around midnight.
  • It took us approximately 13 hours to reach there.
  • We all were deadly tired and fell asleep in no time after reaching into our hotel rooms.
  • Though the journey was long but we all enjoyed a lot and the memories of this tour are still fresh in my mind.





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