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Describe an old person you admire the most.

I have many old people in my family and in relatives. I share cordial relations with them. They are my good friends. I admire all of them for their qualities.

  • Here I would like to talk about my grandfather whom I admire the most. He is in his eighties whereas I’m in my early twenties.
  • Since my birth, I have been observing his movements in our family and the control he holds on the lives of all family members.
  • He is a retired army man and is well disciplined.
  • He is enjoying perfect health and he gives all credit to his army life.
  • He has many stories of war days to tell us. We all children in the family love to listen to his tales of valour.
  • I have tons of words of praise for him. He has won gallantry award also for his bravery in battlefield.
  • Sometimes I wonder that how can he follow a strict regime of exercising and other fitness activities.
  • He is very much particular about his diet also and often guide us to take only health food and stay away from junk food.
  • His agility can be witnessed from his active participation in social welfare programs. He is member of many NGOs and he donates a big part of his earnings for the upliftment of the underprivileged children.
  • I salute his generosity and wish to become like him. His selfless love and concern for others make him stand apart from other old folks in my social circle.

 Describe any short holiday.

  • My friend and i made a plan to visit my maternal uncle’s house in our last summer holidays.
  • He resides in Chandigarh with his family. This city is known as city beautiful and is a famous tourist place.
  • We spent four days there.
  • My cousins were also free from their college. We all had a great time.
  • We went to see many places such as Rose garden, Rock garden, Sukhna Lake, Art gallery and Pinjore garden also.
  • We went to shop also and bought many things.
  • My cousins took us to theatre also and there we saw a movie. It was a great fun there.
  • My maternal aunt is a gentle lady. She made us try different cuisines she prepared at home. I must say, she cooks like a chef. We relished on different food items she made for us.
  • She made our stay extremely comfortable and memorable.
  • We enjoyed a lot and still recall those four days.


Describe an occasion when you forget to bring something important.

  • I keep good memory and don’t forget things easily. But I still remember the day when I forgot to bring a very important thing.
  • It was the ring ceremony of my elder sister and I was given the responsibility of collecting the engagement ring from the jeweller.
  • As this function was planned on a very short notice, we all were in a rush to complete things in time. We had to make all arrangements in 2 days only.
  • My father was quite busy in managing affairs like finalising the hall and decoration for the ceremony, deciding the menu and mother was busy in buying gifts for the guests.
  • My sister and I went to the jeweller to choose engagement ring for her would be fiancé on day before her engagement.
  • We saw many rings and finalised one design but that was not available in the size we needed.
  • The jeweller asked us to collect the same on next day at 9.00 in the morning.
  • But, I forgot to visit the jeweller and got busy in receiving the guests at the banquet hall.
  • When my mother asked me about the engagement ring, then I realised my mistake and ran quickly towards my car.
  • I drove my car on a fast speed to reach at the jeweller’s shop to collect the ring but I got stuck in the traffic and it took me 45 minutes to reach back at the venue after collecting the ring and heaved a sigh of relief.
  • All were waiting for me. I felt ashamed on myself that how could I forget such an important thing.

Describe any happiest event of your life.

  • Happiness is the part and parcel of life. Without enjoyment, life becomes monotonous.
  • Here I would like to describe an event which was full of fun and happy moments. It was the wedding of my elder brother which took place recently.
  • My entire family was very much excited for this occasion but it was me who enjoyed this occasion to its fullest.
  • This family function was the happiest event of my life.
  • We had various events like ring ceremony, bachelor’s party and wedding ceremony.
  • We all cousins enjoyed every function and clicked many pictures and kept on sending those to our friends.
  • I got many new dresses for this event and participated in every ritual with excitement.
  • I was very happy with this thought that there will be a new member in our family.
  • I was extremely happy on this occasion.


Describe your favourite photograph.

  • Pictures are a great source of retaining and cherishing sweet memories of gone days.
  • My father is fond of clicking pictures of our entire family.
  • We have hundreds of photographs of our childhood taken by him with his Sony camera.
  • As i was the elder child of the family so he tried to capture all moments of my infancy and childhood.
  • All the pictures show me as a baby with chubby cheeks. I look very cute and innocent in all.
  • The picture i like the most of mine is clicked on my first day of school.
  • This picture is my favourite and it is very meaningful also.
  • I look very pretty in school uniform, with a bag on my shoulders and a water bottle in my hands.
  • This picture has hundreds of words to say.
  • It shows me with a winsome smile on my face and gleaming eyes.
  • Though i don’t remember anything about the first day of my school but it is my father and mother who tell me that i went to school very happily, unlike other children.
  • I still enjoy looking at this picture and keep it safely in my almirah.


Describe any live event you enjoyed.

  • I’m not an outgoing person and prefer to stay at home instead of going to cinemas or live musical concerts.
  • But last month there was a cultural fest in my college and the college authorities made it mandatory for all the students to remain present and attend the event.
  • I was left with no other option than to attend the function.
  • There was a musical concert also and we all had to listen to the songs of the Sufi singer who was the star performer of the day.
  • This event lasted for four hours and i must say that i enjoyed a lot on that day. I had never been to any such live concert earlier and that maiden experience made me change my views about live performances.
  • The auditorium of our college was full to its capacity and students were not permitted to move in or out during the performance.
  • All the students started singing the songs in chorus and I liked the lyrics very much as all were quite meaningful.

Describe your photograph clicked by someone.

  • Photographs retain memories of life forever.
  • I like to click picture of others and my own also with my Apple i phone.
  • I have many picture albums of my family members at my home. My father is an amateur photographer. He has captured many precious moments of my entire family.
  • It’s a great fun watching those photographs in leisure time.
  • Recently, my father clicked a picture of mine on Holi festival. This festival is also known as festival of colours. I was unaware of the fact that my father was capturing moments of that day in his camera. We all cousins were busy in Holi celebrations.
  • We were throwing colour and water on one another excitedly.
  • My face was smeared with different colours and i was completely drenched with water from head to toe.
  • We all were in the same condition and were enjoying the day fully.
  • Then I noticed my father with his digital camera in his hands moving here and there and clicking some photographs.
  • In the evening, he asked me to look at the pictures taken during the daytime. I checked in his laptop and found many interesting photographs.
  • I liked one of my pictures the most in which i was standing in the middle and my cousins were throwing coloured water on me with their water guns. I was completely drenched at that time.
  • I still enjoy watching all those photographs of Holi celebration and especially the one in which I was standing helplessly being attacked by all from many sides.


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