IELTS Writing Task 2 with Sample Answer

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Some people believe that the world is much less safe today than it used to be. There are still many wars being fought and high tech weapons are sold openly to any country that wants to buy them. In cities, violent crime is increasing every year.

It is not a very safe world in which to bring up children.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for you answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Many argue that the world today is more vulnerable to crime than earlier years. Various instances of fights amongst nations are cited. Sophisticated lethal weapons are manufactured and supplied to those who demand. Besides this, our cities are witnessing an increase in violent activities day by day. It is opined that this planet is not the conducive place to live for us and posterity. I strongly favour this statement.

To commence with, the prime reason of this dangerous atmosphere is an easy access to weapons, of all. Advanced technology has enabled countries to make nuclear weapons, a big threat to humanity. On the top of this, youngsters can get hold of guns and pistols easily. This possession of weapons is posing threat to lives. Many cases of shooting by youth, in colleges and universities of America, are reported recently.

Furthermore, all nations are striving to have hold on the energy resources. This mad rat race of claiming the sovereignty over others makes countries indulge in bloody skirmishes. In such atmosphere, teaching moral values to children is becoming futile exercise.

In addition to this, xenophobia is another responsible reason for spoiling the peace on this globe. Countries are intolerant about other races, cultures and ideologies. The discrimination between black and white and rich and poor is spoiling the ambience of the society these days unlike earlier decades when people used to be more tolerant and friendly for others.

Lastly, all cities are becoming dens of criminals. Theft, burglary, corruption and murder etcetera are such crimes which are on rise these days. Poverty, unemployment and illiteracy is considered the root cause of people turning into hard core criminals, whereas, our past generations had safe and crime free life.

To conclude, it is affirmed that modern world is more prone to crime and criminals. This place is not suitable to live on for our young generations as they will not learn anything valuable here. It becomes our moral responsibility to make this land a place worth living.


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