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Describe a toy of your childhood?

  • When did you get that?
  • From whom did you get that?
  • How was it enjoyable for you?


  • I had many toys in my different phases of childhood.
  • Being the only child of my parents, I enjoyed the privilege of getting many toys, whenever I demanded.


  • My parents used to bring me all sorts of toys to kill my boredom/ to keep me engaged.
  • I used to play with all cautiously to avoid those getting spoilt.
  • I still remember that out of all those, my favourite one was a grand Doll house. It was a miniature version of life-sized building.
  • It was a Barbie Pink Plastic doll house presented by my parents on my 8th
  • This doll house had three floors with all sorts of furniture items such as bed set for bedroom, all kitchen equipment and sofa for living room along with TV, Telephone set, and all bathroom accessories. It had a toy car and garage also.
  • I still remember that it was packed in a box which I had to assemble myself. I was extremely excited at that time and it took me hours to arrange it but I enjoyed a lot.
  • I was very possessive about this doll house and my mother tells me that I never allowed any of my cousins to even touch it.
  • None of my friends and cousins had such grand doll house and I felt proud of that possession.
  • My mother tells me that I kept that with me till I was of 15 years and then I gave that to an orphanage.
  • I have many pictures of mine while playing with the doll house which were clicked by my parents.
  • I enjoy watching those pictures now and am keeping them safely in my personal album.


Talk about an important occasion when you forgot to bring something important.

  • What was that thing?
  • How you forgot that thing?
  • Why was it important thing for you?
  • What problems did you face during that time?

I often boast of having good memory and my friend also rely on me always for remembering various dates and time of important deadlines in college projects. But, I also forgot something extremely important on one occasion.

  • It was the exam hall entrance card, which was required for entering inside the examination venue.
  • It was our first paper of final year of graduation. I still wonder that how could I forget to carry my hall entrance ticket.
  • I reached my college well in advance and we all friends also exchanged last minute exam tips with one another.
  • The exam time was 9.00 a.m. and we were asked to make a queue for entering into the hall at 8.30 a.m.
  • I was the first one in the line and to my surprise, when the invigilator asked me to show the hall entrance ticket, I couldn’t find in my pockets. Then I realised my mistake that I forgot to carry it.
  • I ran towards my college office to give a call to my father at home so that he could bring me my card as without showing that to the invigilator I wouldn’t be allowed to enter inside the exam venue.
  • I was feeling very uncomfortable at that moment and was repenting to forget that much important thing at home.
  • My father reached there before 9.00 a.m. and I heaved a sigh of relief.
  • I felt very ashamed for forgetting an important thing at home.


Describe a story which is practically related to your life.

  • Which type of story was it?
  • How is it related to your life?
  • Which type of stories people prefer the most nowadays?

We all have been listening to many stories since our childhood. Those are being told us to teach moral lessons, such as union is strength, greed is curse and where there is will there is a way.

  • Here I would like to talk about one such story and the moral it teaches, I feel it is very close to my life. I have been acting upon the message it gives for many years. The moral says slow and steady wins the race.
  • Though this story is meant for children as the characters in the story are two animals. One is a tortoise and other is a hare.
  • The animal characters in kids’ stories are shown as a part our life to make children realise that this may happen to them also.
  • The hare is a fast runner in the story whereas, tortoise walks slowly. The hare challenges tortoise for a race as he had this impression that nobody can defeat him.
  • But the hare loses this competition because of his pride and the tortoise wins the race because of his focused attention, consistency and patience.
  • The story has a deep meaning for leading a life where one has to act patiently and diligently.
  • I have been acting like the tortoise in my all pursuit. I never run too fast to achieve anything but I walk slowly and steadily and take decisions after many deliberations.
  • The sad part of modern life is that these sorts of stories are no more listened to and children remain more engrossed in their gizmos.
  • These days’ people love to read, watch and listen to adventurous stories and science fiction which are generally devoid of any lesson and are purely based on fantasy.
  • I think we should revive ancient literature to inculcate moral, social and ethical values among our younger generation.

Describe any local news of your town.

  • What was the news?
  • What was the impact of it?
  • How were you involved in it?

My hometown is a place of various happenings. Many good and bad incidents are witnessed daily.

  • There was one such incident happened last week, in my street, which affected the people very badly. It was a theft incident and thieves decamped with cash and jewellery of worth of lacs. All are terrified and having sleepless nights nowadays
  • Sharma and his family have been residing in our locality for many years. They had marriage of their daughter on last Sunday. They sent invitation to all families in the locality.
  • There was ring ceremony of their daughter on Friday. This function was organised in local community hall. The ceremony went well and we returned back in the evening, at 6.00.
  • After some time, we heard a commotion in the street and I came o know that Mr. Sharma’s house had been burglarized. All the ornaments of their daughter and cash money were stolen.
  • I felt very sad for them and rushed towards their house immediately. Many people had gathered there. Sharma told us that when they reached back after ring ceremony, they found the lock of the front door broken.  The entire house was ransacked by the burglars and they found the safe door broken and nothing was left there.
  • All were in a deep shock, I called the police and a team reached there in no time. They questioned the watchman and he failed to give satisfactory answer.
  • I asked him to hand over his cell phone to us but he hesitated. I grabbed that and gave to the police to find out any clue by checking his contact list.
  • I discussed with other neighbours to gather some money to help Mr. Sharma in need as he had to manage all the wedding expenditure.
  • Since that day, all the residents have become more vigilant. That news was a big shock for us and I feel very sorry for Sharma family.


Describe a conversation you had with someone?

  • Who was the person?
  • What was the topic?
  • When was it held?
  • Why is it important for you?


  • We all communicate with one another in daily life.
  • Communication helps us to share information, exchange ideas and opinions.
  • I still remember the conversation I had with someone a couple of months ago and it laid a great impact on my mind.
  • I got a chance to meet a preacher of Brahma Kumari sect. She was having a 2 days’ workshop in our town on” Self Awareness”. I must say that this sect has many followers.
  • I managed to get permission for one to one interaction with the sister.
  • After 1 hour long discussion with her, I realised the truth about the life and got my doubts cleared about the ways to see the God and some facts about our soul.
  • That sister, the Brahma Kumari preacher, told me some golden rules of attaining peace of mind.
  • I still remember that day very vividly and still can feel her aura which I experienced at that moment.
  • She taught me to remember always that we all are peaceful souls and our ultimate aim is to merge in the supreme power.
  • This conversation changed my outlook of observing different people with different ideologies.
  • Earlier, I used to get disturbed with the indifferent attitude of people towards me and was less patient.
  • But, now I can feel many changes in my perception towards others.
  • As she told me then that we all are sons and daughters of the Almighty and none is good or bad and our all actions are pre planned and destined so we must not complain about anything wrong done to us or by us.
  • Now I see myself as more balanced, patient and positive person. I enjoy amicable relations with my friends and relatives. I don’t get disturbed over petty issues.
  • In totality, I’m a completely changed person now. That conversation transformed me into a better human being.
  • I can say that sharing ideas with others always add into our existing knowledge and we definitely get benefit from the wisdom of others.

Talk about a person whom you admire.

  • Who is that person?
  • What is the name and age of that person?
  • How do you come to know about him/her?
  • What are the things do you like the most about him/her?


  • In my country, politicians, sportsmen, film celebrities and social activists get maximum coverage in newspapers and are admired by millions of people.
  • I would like to talk about a social reformer of an international repute, whose stories are of great interest for people. She is Malala Yousafzai, in her twenties, the youngest Nobel Laureate.
  • I came to know about her by reading in the newspaper when she was attacked in her country. Since then, news stories about her life have been much read by people everywhere.
  • Malala hails from Pakistan and is recognised globally for the hardships she faced in her own country in the hands of anti social elements.
  • I admire her for her courage and determination.
  • She initiated a crusade against the inequality against girls and women on her land and raised voice for female education.
  • Her efforts got her recognition at world level and millions of people support her for this noble cause.
  • Her popularity can be judged from various events which are organised to felicitate her works globally. A documentary is also made named He named me Malala which shows how a Pakistani teenager survives brutal Taliban attack for advocating women’s right to education.
  • She considers herself a feminist and raises her voice for equal study and work opportunities for female even in developed countries.
  • She is a great source of inspiration to me.
  • I feel now that there is nothing impossible in the world if your attentions are right and you are determined and putting your hundred per cent of efforts.
  • Like me, many of my friends read about her in newspapers and support her ideologies.
  • I admire her for the efforts she is putting into for the betterment of girls and women at the world level.

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