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Fast foods have ill effects on good health. Do you agree or disagree? – Asked in India in March 2016

Globalisation and urbanisation have brought drastic changes in the lifestyle of people around the world and this change is seen in eating habits also.  Millions of people consume high calorie fast food, popularly known as junk food. This global problem of consuming quickly prepared food items such as pizza, burger, fries and nuggets etcetera are posing a big threat to fitness. This essay focuses on the adverse impacts of these unhealthy food items on the lives of people.

To begin with, a negative effect of junk food is obesity among children. Though this food is rich in taste but is poor in nutrition so it tempts the younger people to eat more.  Junk food is considered as an empty calorie food. It is enriched with sugar, white flour, salt and unsaturated fats but is void of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids. Thus is unable to fulfil body needs.

Furthermore, the overconsumption of fatty food leads to cardiovascular diseases. Junk food is often high in fat, sugar and salt which eventually lead to high blood pressure among children even. This rising blood pressure level is the biggest risk factor for heart ailments. Children are more prone to these diseases as they eat potato chips, French fries, ice cream, pizza and cheese filled snacks. These ingredients block arteries resulting in heart attacks.

Besides this, lethargy, diabetes, vulnerability to slow growth and tooth decay are other such bad effects of junk food on people of all ages. In order to satisfy the hunger pangs and in crave to eat spicy food, wholesome food is ignored. Instead of eating salad, fruit and vegetables, canned and preserved food is consumed in abundancy.  This overconsumption of oily and sugar filled food items is hazardous for longevity.

To conclude, it is evident that fatty food substances are not favoured for keeping fit. Numerous diseases are produced by eating deep fried and preserved food. We must try to avoid eating it often for healthy body and mind.


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