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Asked on 13th, 14th, 15th March, 2016

Describe a weather in which you failed to do something important.

  • It happens sometimes that bad weather spoils your entire plans. You are left with no other choice than to surrender.
  • We planned a cricket match last month with another college. Though it was a friendly match but all the players were in high spirits.
  • We had many practice sessions and worked hard a lot to win the match.
  • As we were expecting a huge crowd of cricket lovers from both colleges, so all the preparations were made on a large scale.
  • It was our bad luck that the weather suddenly changed a day before cricket tournament. There were dark clouds all over the sky.
  • We checked the weather forecast on the internet and found that the sudden change in weather occurred due to western disturbance, as named by the meteorologists.
  • The light wind and showers were forecasted for the next day.
  • Next day, we all gathered in the play ground of our college on time and decided to start the match as there was no rain though it was cloudy.
  • The opponent team won the toss and decided to bat first. The match started on time. It was hardly half an hour passed, when it started drizzling.
  • We all were having our fingers’ crossed and were praying to the Almighty to stop the rain.
  • But humans can’t stand in front of the celestial powers. It started raining heavily in no time.
  • It was a downpour and it kept on raining for one hour endlessly.
  • When the rain came to a halt, we found the entire playground was inundated with water.
  • Our sports coach took a round of the ground and checked the pitch also and declared that it was not possible to continue the match.
  • We felt very bad at heart, that day the rain played as a spoil-sport. Our all plans were dashed into water.
  • But from that incident, s we learnt a very valuable lesson for the entire life. Now, whenever we have to plan any event in our college, we check the weather forecast before hand to avoid displeasure at last moment.


Describe a particular song which makes you feel relaxed.

Listening to music is always relaxing for me. It is a great way to unwind after day long exhausting work. I listen to religious songs, film songs and contemporary musical notes also.

  • Here I would like to speak about one such song which relaxes me and makes me feel proud of my origin and nationality.
  • This is the national song of my country. I have heard this song hundreds of times. We used to sing this song in our morning assembly during school days.
  • The lyrics are ‘Vande Mataram’ which means I praise you, Mother. This is all praise to the motherland. It was written in Bengali and Sanskrit language.
  • I like this song for many reasons. It instills the feelings of equality and brotherhood amongst the people of the country.
  • This song was also sung by freedom fighters of m y country during their crusade against the rulers.
  • This song was the motto of the freedom strugglers. They used to sing this in chorus and the notes of the songs were more than enough to fill their minds with hatred for the foreign rulers and love for their own nation.
  • I heard this song first time in my school and afterwards i memorised it as it was a routine affair to sing this. I think, such songs are needed as these arouse patriotic feelings among children and they yearn to learn more about their country and its history.
  • The words of this song draw the pictures of majestic mountains, green lands, snow covered peaks and vast oceans in front of eyes, whenever I listen to it.
  • I feel relaxed after listening to it and I wish that every child learns it by heart so that he or she can have an idea about the unity in diversity of their nation.



Describe a city you visited which was affected by pollution.

Pollution is the burning issue of nowadays. It could be noise, air, water or in any other form. It makes living in that particular region like a hell.

  • In my last college vacations, we all friends decide to visit Delhi, the capital city of my country.
  • We were four and one of our friends has his maternal uncle and aunt residing there. They promised to accommodate us for some days.
  • We all were thrilled as we had never been there. We boarded on a train from our city and reached there after a journey of 5 hours.
  • It was evening time then and from railway station we took a cab to reach at our destination.
  • We noticed that the sky was covered with the smoke. We experienced some problem in breathing also. My friend developed rashes on his face. It all was happening because of pollutants in the air.
  • Next day, we planned to visit Akshardham temple, lotus temple, India gate and other famous places. We saw heaps of garbage lying on roadsides, on the way to our Delhi roaming. We had a look on slum areas where the condition was extremely pitiable. People were forced to live in shabby and polluted areas.
  • Some stinky areas of the city were making movements difficult there. The industrial smoke and effluent were spoiling the breathable and drinkable air and water respectively.
  • We felt very sorry for the residents and wished that administration take strict measures to curb the menace of every type of pollution.
  • The capital city which is affected by pollution badly should be clean and green.



Describe a success you had in recent year.

  • The fruit of hard work is always sweet and it comes in the form of much desired success. I achieved my dream of getting admission in the top most institute of my state.
  • I had an ambition of securing a seat for myself in the top Business school of my country. As I am from a family of business men so everyone at home wanted me to take over the family business after completing my studies.
  • I had been preparing hard for the entrance test which is mandatory to get admission.
  • I left no stone unturned and my family also supported me in this endeavour. My mother is the one who took care of my studies and guided me according to my requirements.
  • I burnt midnight oil to achieve my success and it was she who accompanied me in these hardships.
  • I stood among the top ten students in the entrance test. I got extremely happy.
  • I’m studying in the first year of my Business studies now and looking forward to a secure and prosperous career.



Describe an article you read in the newspaper.

  • I read newspaper daily to keep myself updated with all the incidents happening around me. Newspaper is the most inexpensive way of getting information.
  • I prefer reading newspaper instead of watching TV because it can be carried anywhere. I read it on my way to college in the bus.
  • I read an article recently, related to stress management. I found it very informative and interesting.
  • The article focused on the cause and effect of stress on young people.
  • The writer of the article suggested some ways also to minimise the impact of stress on daily performance whether you are at work or in your college.
  • It was a surprising revelation for me that the food also plays important part in making you stressed and relaxed.
  • The writer of that article is a famous columnist and a blog writer also. After reading that article, I browsed on her blog page and found many more valuable articles related to well-being.


Describe any song of your favourite singer.

  • I’m very much fond of listening to songs. My mother tongue is Punjabi so I enjoy song in Punjabi language the most.
  • My favourite singer is Gurdas Maan. He is a veteran singer. I f I’m not wrong, he has been in this music industry for more than 5 decades.
  • He is a singer, lyricist, actor and choreographer also. After listening to his songs, anyone can feel the soul of Punjab and its culture.
  • All of his lyrics are meaningful and I like all but the song which I love to listen to again and again is known as ‘Challa”. The literal meaning of this word is a ring or band which is generally exchanged by lovers as a token of their love.
  • Challa is a lengthy song with many couplets. Every single couplet has its own meaning and differs from the other one.
  • These couplets reflect the very essence of Punjabi traditions, folklores, lovers of the land, the affectionate bond of mother with her son and one of these couplets remind us about our ultimate destiny and that is death.
  • Challa, the band is personified here by the singer and every couplet is addressed to it.
  • Gurdas Maan sang this song in the perfect way and since he sang it first time, this song has been sung afterwards also with remixes but the lyrics are so powerful that the magic of the words leave listeners spell bound ,these days also.
  • This song is worth listening to. It entertains as well as narrates the world realities also.



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