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Describe the famous festival of your country.

  • Festivals are the mirror of every society. They are celebrated with great fanfare.
  • My country India is known for its diversity. People of various ethnic groups live here and have their own occasions to celebrate.
  • Here I would like to talk about one such festival which is not originated in my country and is not a part of my culture even then it is celebrated with great enthusiasm these days.
  • It is famous around the world and is celebrated in the month of December to mark the birthday of Jesus Christ.
  • This festival is known as Christmas and is celebrated on 25th December every year.
  • I think children wait for this day very eagerly as they get presents from their near and dear ones.
  • The grand celebrations are planned in schools where Christmas trees are decorated and plays are enacted to remember the Jesus Christ. Boys and girls get ready in red coloured clothes and they exchange gifts also.
  • All the shops and markets are illuminated on the eve of Christmas in the memory of Jesus Christ.
  • This festival is quite popular these days and is waited eagerly by all.


Describe your close friend.

  • It is quite difficult to find true companions in the modern materialistic world. But I’m fortunate enough to have one such friend.
  • Her name is Preety and her nature is also sweet like her name.
  • She is my childhood friend and lives in my neighbourhood. Our families are close to each other.
  • Preety is my age mate and we have been studying together since our schooldays.
  • We share same interests. I like painting very much and same does she. We utilise our free time in this activity.
  • We often go shopping together. We attend family functions of each other. Sometimes people take us as sisters not friends. Our most of the time is spent together.
  • Preety drives car also so it becomes very easy for us to travel to other cities. We need not look towards our elders; we just go on our own every now and then.
  • I admire my friend for her candidness. She is very trustworthy. She never hides anything from me. We are close to each other.
  • She is a brilliant student of our college. The best quality of her is the helping nature. She teaches underprivileged children of our area, every evening.
  • Her selfless love for poor people is commendable. I admire her for her generosity and wish to be like her.
  • I feel proud to be a friend of nice person. May her all wishes come true in life!


Describe any family which is near to you.

  • I would like to talk about our next door neighbours. I consider their family as a happy and contented one.
  • They have been residing in our neighbourhood for decades so they are more than just neighbours to us.
  • Sharma is the head of the family. He has his wife, son and daughter in the family.
  • Sharma is professor in university and Mrs. Sharma is also a teacher in school.
  • We have warm relations with one another. The children in the family are like my elder brother and sister. Though i am the only child of my parents but they always treat me like their younger sibling and never let me feel alone.
  • They help me in my studies and I spend quality time in their company.
  • My father is a businessman and he travels a lot. In his absence Mr. And Mrs. Sharma help my mother and me to manage our household affairs.
  • Sharma is quite popular in our town for his generosity.
  • He is known for his intelligence also. As he is a Professor of Mathematics, so many students come to him for clarifying their doubts regarding their studies. The most admirable quality of his is this he never charges even a single penny from students.
  • Sharma family is well cultured, sociable and down to earth. I admire them all for their warm nature. As it’s quite difficult to find true friends in this modern callous world.
  • I am lucky to have such nice people in my neighbourhood.



Describe any sports activity you want to do in future.

I was good in sports during my school and college days. I tried my hand in almost every game like hockey, football, badminton, and table tennis. But I always had an ambition to play cricket.

  • Being a student of girls’ college I couldn’t try my hand in this game as this facility was only available in boys ‘college of our town.
  • Most of my other friends also longed to play this sport and wished to have a cricket team of our own college.
  • Cricket is quite popular game around the world. This is one such game which gets maximum media coverage.
  • Almost every cricket tournament is being telecasted on the TV channels.
  • Everyone can witness the cricket fever among people of all ages during world cup matches.
  • We have requested our college sports teacher to form a cricket team of girls. He assured us to do something in this direction.
  • We all are happy enough and looking forward for that day when we’ll play this sport professionally in tournaments.
  • Though we play this as a leisure activity, but it will be a totally different experience when you play it in competitions.
  • I am hoping to play this game in near future and I am extremely excited now.

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