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Asked on 18th March, 2016

Describe any of your family member with whom you spend the most of time.

Being a part of a nuclear family, I am close to all family members. Despite the fact that we are total four members and there are rare chances of differences among all, but I am very close to my mother and spend most of my time in her company.

  • My father is a business man and he remains busy in business travelling often.  So my mother, brother and I don’t get opportunities to spend quality time with him.
  • He do spends some days with us during our college vacations but his professional commitments play spoil sport some times.
  • On the other hand, my mother is a professor in the same college where I study. We go together to our college in the same car and get free almost at same time.
  • Sometimes, I get free early from my classes but I wait for my mother and spend that free time either in Library or in art and craft room.
  • My mother is a professor of English. So she is a great help to me in my studies.
  • I am a student of English honours. It is my bad luck that  my mother  doesn’t teach  my class but I discuss my all academic problems with her .
  • She takes care of my study also. She checks my class notes and guides me. She is very knowledgeable and her guidance is fruitful to my friends also.
  • Our all evenings are spent in our kitchen in preparing meals. I have learnt many recipes from her. She cooks like a chef. I must say that her culinary skills are extremely fine.
  • We go shopping together also. Her perfect dressing sense is a point of envy for all in our social circle. I choose my outfits according to my mother’s choice.
  • I love my mother very much and in all thanks to the Almighty always for sending me in the lap of such a lovable mother.
  • I try to acquire her valuable qualities like her candidness, intelligence, generosity, determination and selfless love for others.
  • I am proud to be a daughter of my mother. May she get more strength from the God to serve the society !


Describe any environmental law of your country.

It becomes the duty of the people to take care of their environment. Governments take certain measures to ascertain that no serious harm is done to the surroundings where we live. Many laws are available for the protection of flora and fauna.

  • Here I would like to talk about one such law which has been implemented by various state governments in my country.
  • This law is formed to ban the use of polythene bags in the country. The over consumption of plastic bags in day to day life is resulting in the heaps of garbage dumped everywhere around us.
  • There is no need to remind people about the havoc created by polythene to our environment. Though this law of banning the use of poor quality of plastic carry bags has been there for many years but its execution is always questionable.
  • Nowadays, people are becoming aware about the menace this tiny object creates in our lives. The water drains in countryside and sewerage system in cities are choked with the poly bags, causing a big headache to the local administration to remove these.
  • However, most of the states of my country like Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat have been observing blanket ban on the usage of plastic in their states, but rest of the states like Punjab and Haryana are heading towards imposing a ban on its use, very soon.
  • Although, people are aware about the hazards polythene poses but as an alternative of polythene such as jute bags, net or paper bags are not easily available, so people are forced to use this.
  • But I’m quite sure that little more strict vigilance on the part of administration and sense of responsibility of the people towards their environment will decrease its consumption.
  • Governmental policies are very strict these days and the violators are also dealt sternly.
  • I am in all support to this environmental law and wish others also show their concern to support the local authorities to enforce this law fully.

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