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Asked on 16th March, 2016

Describe any newspaper or magazine article you remember.

  • Newspapers and magazines are a great source of information. A couple of months ago, I read an article in newspaper and I still remember it.
  • This article was about higher study options in New Zealand. I reckon, the writer of this article was a consultant for overseas education affairs.
  • Earlier, I was not aware about the fact that there is a huge demand for international students in the colleges and universities of New Zealand. But the statistics shared by the writer startled me.
  • This article was published in the leading newspaper of my area in regional vernacular.
  • I was surprised after reading that the hospitality industry is in boom there and almost every college and university offers programmes in the respective sector.
  • The writer wrote about the culture and climate of the same place. I found every detail very interesting.
  • It was also mentioned that as Christchurch city is located in an earthquake prone area, so engineers are always in demand in that region.
  • I developed a strong liking for that country, after reading that article. Sometimes, I visualise myself in Christchurch city, studying in an engineering stream.
  • I remember the same article well and planning to go to New Zealand for my higher studies.


Describe a favourite photograph of yourself.

  • There are many photos of mine, clicked by my parents during my life time, till now.
  • I look pretty in all the photographs and love to watch all again and again.
  • I keep those pictures safely in my personal albums which i keep under lock in my almirah. I don’t want to spoil my childhood memories.
  • Out of hundreds of pictures, the one which is my favourite is clicked around 20 years ago.
  • This photograph is of my fifth birthday. It is extremely important for me. I look pretty in pink coloured dress.
  • In this photograph, we all the cousins were made to sit on a sofa. I was in the lap of my eldest cousin who was of 12 years then.
  • This photograph shows all six cousins cuddled to one another. The love and affection amongst cousins which was there at that time is in the same form now.
  • It makes me nostalgic about our childhood days as all the siblings together in the photograph looked very pretty.
  • Now, all are busy in their own life and we seldom get free time to spend with one another. Photographs are the only way left to recall old memories.
  • I enjoy watching this photo very much. This very close to my heart.


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