IELTS Writing Task 2 – Sample Answer

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Inner city traffic congestion is still a serious problem in many cities. Much of this congestion is caused by there being simply too many cars on our roads. What could be done to encourage people not to use their cars?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

The boom in automobile industry has caused too many four wheelers running on our roads. Our city roads are full with cars which are making our inner city areas a congested place. Traffic jams are witnessed every time and everywhere. This essay explains various measures which can be followed to motivate people not to use their cars frequently.

To begin with, the major solution can be the availability of frequent transport service. The downtown area of every city must be well served by buses, cabs and metro trains. The network of this transport must reach to the outskirts and residential areas also. On the top of this, reasonable fares can be applied on using these services. Monthly passes will allure people more as these will help them save some money also. Furthermore, broad pedestrian walkways can be constructed for the convenience of walkers. All types of encroachments can removed to make ample space for the pedestrians.

In addition to this, awareness campaigns can be organised to spread information about the adverse impact of carbon gases on our environment which are emitted by vehicles. In this way, people will think to save their ozone layer and definitely will use their personal cars less frequently.

Last but not least, by imposing penalties on private vehicles plying on inner city roads, the problem of heavy traffic can be controlled to some extent. For instance, as in some cities, a particular number series is not allowed to move on roads on certain days and for time duration, this type of rules can be implemented in every city to minimise the pollution and traffic disorder.

To conclude, it is drawn that cars are indispensible part of our lifestyle but simultaneously, it is our duty also to make our cities free from traffic chaos. By adopting some ways, this menace of vehicular congestion can be controlled.


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