IELTS Writing Task 2 – Sample Answer (Asked on 12th March 2016)

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Asked on 12th March 2016

Some people are of the view that humanities subjects such as literature, history and philosophy have little value in university, preparing students for career. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In order to attain wisdom, it is required to dive into the deep and vast ocean of knowledge. This process is commenced with formal schooling and continues in the entire life. Many argue that, as university education enables the learners to face the challenges of coming years, so there is not much importance of teaching literature, philosophy and history to them. I, however, do not agree completely with this view. This essay will discuss the requirement and significance of aforementioned subjects along with the contemporary faculties.

To begin with, the challenges of the fast, modern and competitive world demand the youngsters to remain abreast with latest developments in science and technology. The ever changing and growing technological sector is imposing pressure on the young learners to perform better. The modern education, with more practical implications, makes it difficult some times to focus on other fields.  This problem causes many to think about paying little attention to social sciences.

On the other hand, literature is considered as the mirror of the society of all ages. It reflects the true picture of specific culture and civilization. The values, traditions and customs are immortalised through the literary pieces. For instance, the works of Shakespeare, the great English writer, reflect the society of his time and are a source of entertainment and knowledge also to the modern generation.  Thus, literature cannot be removed from the university faculties.

Additionally, history makes people aware about their predecessors, the wars they fought and the contribution they put into the shaping of modern society. Furthermore, philosophical writings present various ideologies of thinkers and revolutionaries’ of all ages.  Aristotle and Plato are such names which have been enlightening the young minds with their theories for centuries. Thus, ignoring so important subjects will leave university pupils devoid of ancient wisdom.

To conclude, it is drawn that all the faculties are significant for the overall development of the pupils at university studies. The careful and balanced pedagogical approach needs to be adopted to make the university graduates well equipped with the ancient wisdom as well as contemporary knowledge.

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