IELTS Writing Task 2 asked on 19th March 2016- Sample Answer 

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Asked on 19th March, 2016
Differences between the countries are less evident nowadays? Everybody is copying to the material of other countries like fashion, brand, T.V. serials, films, advertisements & so on. Do the demerits overweigh the merits?

Globalisation is the buzzword of the modern world. The boundaries are shrunk now thus turning this big globe into a global village. This proximity amongst nations opens numerous avenues in all spheres which in turn are proving a boon to many. Though, this propinquity has downsides also but the benefits go beyond the imagination.

To begin with, one drawback of this mingling of cultures and languages is thought to be the loss of individual identity of the ethnic groups which is causing a great threat to the existence of indigenous societies. Besides this, the exploitation of the human resources in the hands of developed nations can cause racial discriminations, depressed and frustrated individuals. This dissatisfaction may spoil the ambience of the communities.

On the other hand, globalisation is greeted as a harbinger of world equality, peace and freedom. The Media plays a significant role in this direction. Different cultures and traditions are accepted globally as depicted in films and T.V. serials. People of various races work together which helps to reduce the stress among nations. They learn to show respect towards another’s ideologies, traditions and customs and this ensures world peace.

In addition to this, regional merchandises are acknowledged globally with the help of advertisements which results in the flourishing of international trade. The economies of the so called ‘third world nations” are booming. The lifestyles of the people are better now in comparison to the yester decades. Thus, worldwide employment opportunities, originated from global trade, are elevating the economic status of nations.

Furthermore, the cuisines and coutures of international signature are in vogue amongst gourmets and fashionistas respectively. Fashion and style industry shares one platform to celebrate the new trends. The global fashion sense is lending uniform look to masses which helps to remove the cultural differences. The inferiority and superiority complex among people are vanishing as they wear outfits of international trend. Thus, their looks help them to hide their origin and religion, which is required in many situations.

To conclude, it is drawn that the closeness among various nations is seen vividly in food, fashion, art and culture and in the utilisation of human resources. The phenomenon of globalisation has positive as well as negative connotation attached to it but it is apparent that benefits are more than the harms.

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