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Asked on 19, 20, 21 and 22nd March, 2016

Describe the time when your car got crashed while driving.

It is often said that misfortunes don’t come alone but they come in battalions. Sometimes, situations just go haywire. You are left with no other choice than to sail with the wind.

  • I still remember that day very vividly when I faced many problems. It was the beginning of the month of December. I was going to another city which was around 180 km. away from my town.
  • I left in the morning around 6.00 so that I reach there well on time and after finishing my commitments I reach home before night.
  • It was a clear morning and so driving was easy. To my surprise, after two hours, when I was about 100 kilo metres away from my place, I found fog everywhere.
  • All the vehicles were moving at snail’s pace. It was totally unexpected to see such dense fog, in the very first week of December.
  • It was getting denser as I was moving ahead. I was driving very cautiously to avoid any unpleasant incident. The truck moving in front of me suddenly put brake. I didn’t get time to react and my car collided with it.
  • It was not all, the bus coming behind me hit me from rear side with force and my car got stuck in the back side of that truck.
  • This all happened so suddenly that I was shocked with the whole incident.
  • But with God’s grace, I didn’t get any bruise even. Many people gathered around us. The traffic coming from opposite side also stopped to know about the accident.
  • My car got smashed between a truck and a bus. As its engine was damaged badly so I was not able to start it.
  • After some time the highway patrolling police van reached there. They took some time to finish some formalities of accident scene and asked me to lodge the complaint but I denied.
  • Nobody could be blamed for that accident. It happened because of fog.
  • They were a great help to me. They dropped me at the nearby Bus stop and I came back home by a bus.

Describe any event when you felt happy.

Happiness can be derived from any moment. It depends on your perception and attitude towards life.

  • I’m a very fun- loving person. All of my friends are very jovial also. We often have parties, plan trips and picnics to bring cheer in life.
  • We had a birthday party recently, in our favourite restaurant. It was my birthday.
  • All the friends planned a surprise party for me but didn’t tell me about this plan till we reached at the venue.
  • After college, they asked me to give a treat in a restaurant as it was my birthday. I agreed and we all reached in our favourite restaurant.
  • On the way to restaurant, they kept on teasing me that I have to shell out big money from my pocket as they have invited all of our classmates also.
  • I got panicky little bit. But to my amusement, when we reached in the restaurant, I saw my family there. Then I realised their prank.
  • One corner of the hall was decorated with my favourite flowers and a big cake was there on the table. I got very excited to see those arrangements.
  • I cut the cake and we all relished on it and after that we danced a lot. All were screaming with joy.
  • Then we ordered meal for all. Everyone had their favourite dishes. We enjoyed the food whole heartedly.
  • This entire event made me extremely happy and I still cherish those memories in my free time.

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