Ideas for IELTS Speaking Cue Cards

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Describe a communication with foreigner/foreigners in a foreign language.

  • I went to Amritsar city last month to pay my obeisance in the famous shrine of my religion popularly known as Golden Temple.
  • This holy place is famous around the world and many visitors from other countries also visit it.
  • There I noticed a group of girls sitting near the holy pond and were discussing the serene and pious environment of that place. I found from there discussion that they didn’t know much about the history of this place.
  • I greeted them and they also showed interest in talking to me.
  • I came to know that they all were from England and that was their maiden visit to India. Our entire communication was in English language as they were not familiar with Punjabi Language.
  • They asked me many questions about the history and importance of Golden Temple.
  • We all went together to partake the langar “food” from community kitchen also and there I showed them that how people of all religion and origin sit together and have their food.
  • They were amazed after knowing the fact that food is made available to all 24×7.
  • They were impressed greatly with the functioning of this place. They thanked me for the information and promised that they will visit this place again in their life.


Describe your any college activity or project.

There is a lot to learn from college projects and activities. One learns to act like a perfect team player and the responsibility of finishing assigned tasks on time, makes youngsters mature and independent.

  • I also got many opportunities to complete projects and organise events during my college days.
  • I was a student of Psychology in my graduation. As this is a practical subject, so we had to perform many experiments on other people. We often had to prepare questionnaires to conduct surveys also.
  • I still remember very clearly that during the second year of my graduation our psychology teacher assigned us to conduct a survey among students of age group of 15-21 about their emotions.
  • Our teacher divided the entire class in small groups and asked us to prepare a questionnaire along with some paper based situational tests.
  • We took 15 days to submit the final report. We made a list of questions first, then arranged tests and started our survey. We visited around 15 schools and colleges to target our subjects.
  • We were asked to collect the data of 150 respondents. It was a tough job as most of the youngsters were not ready to share their personal feelings and emotions.
  • We all team members made some strategies then to trap the subjects. We had a great fun also while working on this project.
  • We submitted our final project report on 15th day to our teacher. It was a unique experience working on that project as we used to do experiment in psychology laboratory earlier. Moving out in the field and collecting data was a bit challenging but we all learnt many things from that.






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