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Asked on 23rd March, 2016

Describe the time when students get free time from college/work.

  • College life brings many challenges and stress on youngsters. They yearn to have some free time from their busy schedule.
  • Whenever they get some relaxation from work and classes they enjoy it to its fullest.
  • Free time can be attained when any teacher is not available for the classes due to leave or any other official commitment.
  • That kind of relaxation from class lectures amuses all. Students laugh and have fun by spending time in the cafeteria and relishing on hot and spicy snacks.
  • Many holidays can be found in an academic calendar except Sundays, such holidays give a break from tough college schedules.
  • Besides this, in my education system, college students avail summer, winter and autumn vacations also. Those free days are welcomed by all.
  • But the free days during examinations are waited by all. We can see that exams remain continued for 15-20 days and during those days 4-5 holidays are given after one exam to prepare for the next one.
  • Those off days from college can be used for relaxation or for exam preparation according to the requirement.
  • Except this, sometimes students miss out their classes themselves for no genuine reason and they simply chat and have fun.
  • In this way, many such situations arise when pupils get relaxation from their college or from their work.


Describe any clothing item gifted to you by someone.

  • On my last birthday, my father presented me a leather jacket which I had been longing to have for many days.
  • As my birthday falls in the month of December, so leather jacket was an appropriate gift according to the weather.
  • It was of camel colour and of Tommy Hilfiger brand.
  • My father was well aware about my penchant for this jacket. Once we visited the Tommy Hilfiger store together in my city and found the same jacket there. But it was quite expensive at that time so I dropped the idea to buy that.
  • I talked to my father afterwards also about the same jacket and wished to have.
  • My father was generous enough to buy the same item of clothing for me on my special day.
  • I got extremely happy after seeing my birthday gift.
  • I gave a bear hug to my father and thanked him many times. He also got happy after seeing my excitement.


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