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Describe a person whom you admire and who comes in news.

  • Media is a great source of gaining information about various happenings around the world.
  • Through news and other programmes, broadcasted on T.V., we come to know about some popular and impressive personalities of present and past times.
  • In my country, politicians, actors and sports personalities are quite popular among masses.
  • Like other young people, I also like to read and watch about film actors and actresses.
  • In the last week, I saw a programme made on the life of Amitabh Bachan on T.V.
  • That show revealed many hidden facts about the life and personality of this super star of my country.
  • Amitabh Bachan is also known as Big B and he has millions of his admirers around the world.
  • It was shown in the programme that how he started his acting career in Bollywood and the difficulties he faced. He started his own production house also but that venture was a complete failure and he had to face a very tough time.
  • I got inspiration from his life story that despite of many hardships, he achieved the zenith in Indian film industry with his courage and determination.
  • After watching this show, I came to know that he does a lot of work for charity and he is an active member of many NGO’s.
  • He is a brand ambassador of many companies and endorses their products.
  • Most of the people buy such products only because they trust Amitabh Bachan.
  • Like other millions of people I wish to meet this iconic personality in real life.
  • That T.V. programme ignited my feelings to have a face to face chat with this great personality.
  • I have high regard for this famous icon of my country.

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