Ideas for IELTS Cue Cards

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Describe a sport you tried first time.

  • I always had an ambition to become a cricketer. My parents tell me that I used to watch cricket matches on my T.V. in my childhood.
  • I started playing this game at very young age. When I was of 7 years I started playing this game with my friends in the park of our society. At that time, we all had only plastic bats and balls to play.
  • Somewhere around the age of 10, I got my new wooden bat and started playing in my school.
  • I used to play after finishing my school work in the evenings. We all friends used to go to our school playground and kept on playing there till darkness.
  • We all were amateur players and used to play without any coach till we reached at the age of 13.
  • Then our school principal arranged a professional coach for us. Some of my friends stopped playing the game because of the academic pressure, but I kept on playing under supervision.
  • It was extremely difficult for me to spare some time from my school and tuitions, but with the encouragement of my parents and coach, I managed somehow.
  • I stood first in my class also in senior secondary exams. Afterwards, I joined my college in commerce stream.
  • I’m the best player of my college and represent my college in all tournaments. I enjoy this fame but the hard work which I made to attain this position during my school days was very tough.
  • But now, I am putting more efforts to play on national level and I enjoy playing cricket a lot.


Describe a new skill you want to learn.

  • In the modern world of competition, people want to become skilful in one or another field.
  • In order to become an adept in professional and academic field, a lot of efforts are put into.
  • Here I would like to speak about one such skill which I wish to acquire for life. Being a girl, I think that this will help me in my coming years.
  • I want to improve my culinary skills. Though I can prepare food with basic ingredients in a simple manner but I would be more than happy to learn different cuisines.
  • I am planning to join a cooking course in my summer college vacations.
  • I have also got a subscription of food channels on my television and watch shows of famous chefs such as Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Pankaj and Vikas Khanna.
  • I find these shows very interesting and informative and learn different recipes daily.
  • The reason of my strong wish to acquire cooking skills is that all my friends and cousins are extremely good in it and whenever I find them discussing about new recipes I realise my shortcoming.
  • Except this, after watching food shows on TV I have developed a strong fancy for this skill and want to prepare mouth watering and finger licking dishes.

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