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Asked on 27th March, 2016


Describe a day, if you will be given a free time from college or work, what will you do?

  • Every college student loves to have some free time from college lectures and practical classes. Like all other college going boys I also yearn to have a day off from my busy study schedule.
  • I have made many plans to do, on the free day when there will be no classes.
  • It has been a long time since I went to theatre to watch any movie. Going for film will be the first thing I do.
  • I would love to go shopping also. The other day I was arranging my wardrobe and I found that some of my tees and jeans are worn out so I need some new according to the new spring trend.
  • I reckon, half of my day will be spent in theatre and shopping so for the rest of the day I’ll stay at home with my grandparents.
  • They often complain that I don’t sit with them. In fact, I also want to talk to them and want to listen to their life experiences but my extremely busy schedule does not allow me to do so during weekdays.
  • My grandfather is a retired army officer so he has many tales of valour to tell me which I enjoy a lot.
  • The last thing which I would love to do on the day when there will be no college and no home assignments, I will sleep early for fresh mind.
  • I hope to do all these things on my free day from my studies and I’m waiting for that time eagerly.


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