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Modern buildings change the character & appearance of towns & cities. The government should insist that the new buildings be built in traditional style to protect cultural identity. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The contemporary world experiences numerous transformations in architectural patterns which eventually lead to the construction of ultra-modern and bizarre structures around us.  Such unusual buildings lend new and different look and feel to our urban and rural sprawls. It is opined that local administrations are required to instruct the builders to adopt conventional style of housing to keep the regional distinctiveness alive. I, however, have a strong note of dissent for this statement. This essay explains the reasons of disagreement.

To begin with, modern social and professional fields require specific infrastructure to complement their respective requirements. The rapid increase in global population demands houses for all. This need can be catered to with smart planning. The construction of skyscrapers for offices, apartments and retail outlets are the only solution. In such scenario, old fashioned houses would not be able to provide roof to all.

Furthermore, with an unprecedented boon in IT sector, smart cities are coming up rapidly. The work style is changed and offices are becoming multicultural. The never stopping clock allows people to work day and night. The usage of new gadgets and gizmos need supporting infrastructure in the form of eco-friendly and energy efficient buildings. In such situation the insistence on the construction of traditional types of edifices is worthless where more sophisticated structures are needed.

In addition to this, in the time of globalisation, boundaries amongst nations are seen nowhere now.  The educational, social and technical fields require similar facilities around the world. This kind of uniformity is required for world peace. No sort of superiority or inferiority complex will be observed then by developed and developing nations. The world class living style and physical comfort in home country will stop unnecessary migration to western land where masses generally go in the hope of better lifestyle. This will reduce the burden on targeted areas.

To conclude, it is drawn that the firmness to construct old style buildings will not be of any help in that world where needs are completely altered now. In order to preserve the cultural uniqueness, many other measures can be adopted such as hosting cultural carnivals and informing other communities about the regional customs and traditions.

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