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Asked on 30th March, 2016

Describe an art that you have made in your school time.

My school days were full of fun and enjoyment. We had option of many games, art and craft activities and music and dance classes to choose from, as co-curricular activities.

  • I was more involved in inside activities instead of outdoor. I had fondness for music, painting and clay modelling.
  • I used to participate in all events but painting was my favourite one.
  • I became adept in canvas and glass painting by the time I reached in my 10th I used to receive many compliments from my teachers and friends.
  • I still remember very vividly the one artwork which I made in my 12th It was graffiti. I came to know about this art form through internet and planned to do one such in my school.
  • I tried it first at my home. I painted one all of my courtyard with flower motifs. After doing that successfully, I shared my ideas with my art and craft teacher.
  • She took permission from the school authorities for the same. My teacher also helped me to choose the topic/ideas for my wall art.
  • After many deliberations, I zeroed in on the most burning situation of those days. My graffiti was about the hazards of pollution.
  • I didn’t take assistance from anybody though my teacher asked me about the same. I completed the entire work in a week.
  • My school principal was all in praise for me after seeing the artwork. He promised me to keep that intact for long time.
  • It has been three years now but that graffiti is still there in my school. I ‘m thankful to my school for this gesture.


Talk about your favourite sport or game.

  • I’ve been playing many games since my childhood. But, cricket is my favourite game now.
  • This game is quite popular around the world. Cricket game is like the God for many. This sport has millions of fan followers.
  • I also enjoy watching as well as playing this game on T.V. and in playgrounds.
  • Many young people want to become cricket players as all cricketers enjoy name and fame.
  • My favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar, though he has left playing but the success he attained during his sporting tenure is a great source of inspiration to budding players.
  • I practice this sport along with my friends in our college playground. Our college has arranged a coach also for us. Our cricket team has won many tournaments. I must say that we are the best players in our region.
  • It is not easy to play this sport professionally as a lot of body stamina is required. Besides this, we have to practice a lot in order to perform in a better manner.
  • Cricket game is very lucrative one as the national and international level players are paid exorbitantly. All young boys dream of the same lifestyle like famous players.
  • I don’t have such dreams but I know one thing that I enjoy playing this game a lot.

Talk about an interesting story that you watched on T.V.

Television is a great source of entertainment as well as information also but if watched judiciously. I think, it depends on the viewer entirely that what sort of programmes he watches to upgrade his knowledge.


Television is a ‘magic’ box for many and at the same time an ‘idiot box’ for some also. For me, it is a great way to increase my knowledge.

  • I watch discovery, animal planet and net geo channels regularly. Except these I watch programmes on other entertainment channels also.
  • I found news channels quite interesting. These keep us updated with latest incidents and events happening around the world.
  • The other day I was watching a serial based on criminal activities happening around. It was a detective serial in which a team of crime investigation department was looking for the culprits involved in the smuggling of volatile substances.
  • I found that story quite interesting as the novel way adopted by the criminals to transport their items surprised me.
  • It was shown that they used to steal human dead bodies from hospital morgues and insert illegal substances in their bodies. The most interesting thing I found that hospital ambulances were being used to transport those dead bodies.
  • It was revealed at the end of the programme that the entire story was based on the true incident.
  • That programme alarmed me also and I have learnt a lesson of not trusting others easily.



Talk about the skills that children must learn.

  • Childhood is the time when children learn many things quickly as they pass through the cognitive development phase.
  • No doubt, our schools lay adequate stress on their overall development but still there can be some skills which should be made compulsory to acquire during their early school days.
  • I think washing clothes and cooking could be those activities in which children can be made to try their hands.
  • These skills will make them realise the importance of manual work. Besides this, they will learn to show the respect towards the hard work their elder people do at home in managing these affairs.
  • If children wash their clothes themselves they will be taught about the importance of water in our life. They will learn to use it wisely and this habit will remain with them throughout their life.
  • The other skill, I reckon, must be teaching children about preparing salads, sandwiches, and other easy food items where no harm is involved.
  • This ability of cooking food will help children to prepare food for them if their parents are not around. In this way they will develop the habit of healthy eating.
  • So, in my opinion, cooking and washing skills will help the children use our resources wisely and they will understand the need and importance of food and water in our lives.


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