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Some people say that playing computer games have positive effects on children however others believe that it is not effective way for them. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

The modern world witnesses numerous transformations and the credit of these changes is gone to the unparalleled boom in IT sector.  The means of entertainment are also altered now with no exception to the play tools of children.  The usage of the computer games for fun is advocated by many but the opponents have their own reasons for their dissent. This essay will throw light on both attitudes along with my individual opinion.

To begin with, children develop their interest in operating computers, while playing games on it, which is essential to use in later phases of life. Their introduction to the world of technology, with the help of games, allures them to use it frequently. This liking in the initial years of life makes them tech -savvy and assists in professional and academic growth afterwards. Besides this, toddlers remain safe and secure in the protected environment of their homes while playing such games. This is helpful for the working parents as without adult supervision, children keep themselves engaged in indoor activities. Furthermore, some games train children to focus on certain objects and the use of multi senses, simultaneously, makes their reflexes prompt.

In addition to this, the opposite view brings forth the worst impact of computer games in the form of bad health. In the absence of physical activities, young boys and girls are falling prey to various diseases such as obesity, lethargy and weak and blurry vision. Last but not least, behavioural problems are observed amongst toddlers. Many computer games depict crime and violence which eventually is harmful for young minds. They start imitating those acts and the adverse impact is seen in the society as the rate of juvenile delinquency is rising continuously.

To conclude, it is drawn that computer is a boon as well as a bane. I believe that the judicious and balanced use of computers, for playing games, will be beneficial for the body and mind of children. The adult guidance is needed to instruct and the supervision to observe the toddlers while playing on computers to ensure the positive outcomes.

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