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Asked on 1-4-2016

Describe a situation when you wait for something.

Waiting for anything is always annoying for me. I take it as wastage of time and energy.

  • Here I would like to talk about one such situation when I had to wait for my friend for hours.
  • My friend Abhi came to India last month. He stays in Australia with his parents. We are childhood friends. His entire family shifted to Australia a couple of years ago. This was his first visit to homeland since they migrated to other country.
  • I went to Airport to receive him as he had to stay with me during his visit as no one from his close family is living in India nowadays.
  • The scheduled time of the arrival of his flight was at 11.p.m. I reached there around 10.30 and was expecting that Abhi will come out by 12.00 after finishing all his formalities.
  • When I checked on the display screen in waiting area about flight schedules, I found that Abhi’s flight was late by two hours. I felt very upset as it was difficult for me to wait for him while doing nothing.
  • I took out my iPad from my bag and spent some time in checking my e-mails, chatting with friends on Facebook and browsing nothing on internet.
  • Somehow, I managed to kill those two hours. To my disappointment, the flight got late by more 2 hours. This means that I had to wait for Abhi till 4.00 in the morning.
  • I was left with no other option than to wait. Many other people were also waiting there for their kith and kin.
  • I spent some time in talking to a gentleman who was also waiting for his daughter, boarding the same flight.
  • He was also ruing on the poor system of our flights. I came to know from him that his daughter was coming back from Melbourne after completing her higher studies that even after two years.
  • Some other people also joined our talk and we all remained busy in gossips and the waiting time was spent without much botheration.
  • Finally, the plane landed on time and Abhi came out of the Airport somewhere around 4.30 in the morning.
  • After meeting my bosom friend, I forgot all the inconvenience faced during that night. We returned back home happily.

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