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Asked on 4th April, 2016

Describe a situation when you organised a dinner for your friend.

Why you organised that?

How you enjoyed that?

What was the need of that?

As I’m a fun loving person so I love to organise surprise parties for my friends. We are four close friends and go out for eating and shopping often.

  • One of my friends, Reena, got her visa for studying in Canada. She had to leave in a week so I thought to plan a surprise dinner party for her to celebrate the moment.
  • I gave her phone call last Sunday around 8.00 p.m. and asked her to reach my home immediately.
  • My other three friends were already at my home. I didn’t tell Reena the reason of calling her. Her flight was scheduled on Monday evening.
  • She reached in 15 minutes and was in panic. The moment she entered my house she showered many questions on me to know the reason of calling her in urgency.
  • I dragged her into my dining room and rest of my friends screamed to scare her. Reena got scared and she realised our prank immediately.
  • My parents also joined us in our happy moments. I told Reena about the surprise dinner which was planned for her.
  • She felt relaxed then and we sat for dinner. My mother prepared all the favourite dishes of Reena. We enjoyed our meal a lot.
  • Then we all realised that this dinner will remain in memories for ever as we didn’t know then that when will we all sit together again for enjoyment.
  • We kept on talking till midnight then all of my friends returned back to their homes.


Describe a long journey you enjoyed with your family member/members.

  • Going out on long journeys enthrals me always. Though my father doesn’t like to travel a lot but my mother and siblings enjoy long journeys.
  • We made a plan to visit my maternal uncle’s family in my last college vacations. They live in Agra city. My father was not ready for travelling by car rather he suggested us to go by train.
  • But we all dropped his idea of train and insisted him to go by road.
  • Though it was a long and tedious journey but we enjoyed it fully.
  • It took us around 11 hours to reach at our destination. We stopped many times to stretch out and for meals.
  • It was a unique experience of driving on six lane wide expressway.
  • We all drove the car by taking turns and it was me who drove over speed on Yamuna expressway and had to bear the penalty also.
  • We were surprised with the safety measures adopted on the expressway to ensure the safe and comfortable driving.
  • That long journey is still fresh in my mind and we often recall that time when sit together and my parents never forget to remind me about my mistake of driving over speed.
  • That was really a wonderful long road journey.

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