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Asked on 5th April, 2016

Describe any funny photograph of yours which was clicked by your friend.

Like all other young people, I’m also fond of getting my photographs clicked and taking selfies and posting on my social network accounts.

  • We all friends are in an agreement of clicking natural poses of one another for memories. Sometimes, weird poses are captured which amuse us.
  • Here I would like to speak about one such photograph of mine which was clicked by my friend on my last birthday party in my college canteen.
  • I was not aware at that time and don’t know even now who captured that moment. But, I must say that this picture is quite funny. Whenever we see it we burst into laughter.
  • It seems difficult to recognise me in the photograph as my entire face was smeared with cake cream.
  • Two of my friends were holding my arms and third one was trying to put a big piece of cake in my mouth.
  • Rest of the friends around were seen laughing wholeheartedly. It looks like as all were enjoying that moment fully.
  • I look very funny in that photograph and can’t hold back my laughter even now.
  • I enjoy looking at this picture as this reminds me of my enjoyable college days.
  • This is the funniest picture of mine in which I look totally different.

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