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What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying the plays and theatrical arts which were written centuries ago?

All literary genres contain the very essence of their times. These art forms act like mirrors showing the true images of specific civilizations. The study of century old dramas and plays by pupils in their student career is beneficial for understanding human development but its downsides also cannot be ignored. This essay discusses both sides in detail.

To begin with, the prime benefit of studying drama and other literary genres makes students aware about the traditions, customs, rituals and lifestyle of people of yester centuries. This awareness about various communities assists pupils in understanding human behaviours. For instance, famous playwright Shakespeare’s works have immortalised his time. He is not known as a dramatist of 16th century but of every century. Besides this, young people become aware about the follies done by people of specific cultures and learn lessons to avoid those. Thus literature teaches youngsters to tread on right path.

On the flip side, studying theatres during student career is considered sheer wastage of time and energy. In the world of cut throat competition, youngsters are required to pay attention towards modern sciences these days which eventually help them in excelling in academic and professional fields. Furthermore, the comic, tragic and romantic plays of old days distract young minds. They start taking imaginary flights on the wings of fantasy. This escapism affects their mental growth and they become sceptical in human dealings.

To conclude, it is drawn that studying literature in school and college days is beneficial for personal growth, simultaneously, the bad impact of these literary pieces cannot be ignored. A balanced pedagogical approach is needed to adopt to take the benefits of classical writings.

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