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More and more students are going to study abroad. Is it necessary for them? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The contemporary world is witnessing a steady increase in the number of students going to foreign lands in academic pursuits. Though the need of this migration is indispensible in some situations but it is not the only option to attain the higher education.

To begin with, the flight of learners of developing nations towards academically advanced countries is necessary. The modern education system supports real world implications to achieve perfection in respective fields and the dearth of required infrastructure on homeland pushes the young pupils towards equipped lands. For instance, the western countries are targeted places for students wishing to learn science and technology. Furthermore, the fundamental right of every human being to get education of choice permits movements. Any sort of restriction will be considered as an attack on the development of human races.

Alternatively, migrating abroad in the search of higher education is not beneficial sometimes. The economics rises resulting in heavy burden on individuals and families. The affected communities suffer a lot when these movements turn in to brain drain which eventually puts adverse impact on the state economy.

To conclude, it is asserted that migration of students to foreign countries must be done in dire need. With the assistance of technology, advanced education can be gained through on-line programmes and virtual classroom setups. This type of smart planning will benefit the homelands of migrants and their dream destinations as well.

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