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Asked on 13th April, 2016

Describe a time when you visited a place with your friends or family.

Sparing some free time from busy schedules to go out with friends or family members bring freshness in life.  Such outings bring break in mundane life.

  • Here I would like to speak about one such day when my friends and I went on a day off from college to watch a movie and go shopping.
  • We had been attending lectures for many days without a break and were in a dire need of some relaxation.
  • Then we made a plan to go to Chandigarh, a city near to my hometown.
  • We were four friends and booked our seats in the morning show starting at 9.00 so that we could spend rest of the day in shopping.
  • After watching movie we went to eat in a famous eatery. We munched our favourite dishes there and with full stomach decided to have a stroll around to digest some food.
  • Then we went to the famous mall of the city to purchase our things. As it was noon time of a weekday so the mall was not crowded.
  • We took a round of the shops to get an idea about the offers thrown by different brands.
  • My friend Dinesh had to buy Diesel denim. We went to the shop but unfortunately the sky blue colour of the size we needed was not available at that moment.
  • Then we bought shoes and Tees according to our need.
  • We got free in three hours only and then decided to visit Sukhna Lake also on our way back to hometown.
  • It was evening time and a gentle breeze was blowing then. We had coffee on the lake side and enjoyed boating also.
  • Somewhere around 7.00, we started our journey back home.
  • It was a wonderful day for all of us and all were feeling fresh and light after a break from college lectures.
  • Then we realised the importance of small breaks in life as these add spice into boring routines.


Describe a situation when you helped someone.

We human beings are supposed to help one another in need. It is this helpful nature of us makes living comfortable.

  • Here I would like to narrate one incident when I helped an unknown person.
  • I was coming back to my home town in my car around 9.00 p.m.
  • It was the month of December and during this month fog falls in my region. That night was also foggy. Due to darkness and fog it was getting difficult to drive as I was unable to see outside clearly.
  • But I was driving with confidence because I was familiar with the roads and their condition around my town.
  • I saw a car parked on the roadside with parking light on. I got startled to see a stationed car at odd time.
  • I was hesitant to stop initially but finally put brakes on my car. I noticed that a gentleman came out of his car after seeing me.
  • He was looking worried then. He told me that his car broke down and he is not very much familiar with this area as he was visiting his friend’s place after many years. Originally, He was from another state.
  • I asked him about his destination and the village he had to go was near to my town. I asked him to accompany me and assured him to drop at his destination.
  • He told me that he had already informed his friend and he might be coming to pick him.
  • On my insistence he asked his friend not to come as it could take him 1 hour to reach there.
  • On the way, we had friendly talks and I dropped him at his friend’s place before going to my town.
  • He and his friend both were in all thanks for helping him, a stranger.
  • I felt very much satisfied after helping someone and was thinking if I were there would somebody help me out or not?
  • That day I learnt a valuable lesson to help the needy one always.

Talk about a social worker you admire the most.

There are many clubs and NGOs in my city who work for social cause. Many affluent people of the city are active social workers associated with such organisations.

  • But there is one such person who has been helping the needy people for last 3 decades. He is not connected with any club and is doing work at his own level.
  • I have great regards for this man. He is known as Mr. Chopra and is in his 50s and can be seen around slum areas teaching the poor children and helping them to clean their surroundings by encouraging them to remove the heaps of filth.
  • He is a government school teacher and after his working hours he visits less privileged people and take the classes of children.
  • His efforts are not hidden from other social activists’. He has been honoured by local administration and many schools and colleges for his generosity.
  • People get inspiration from his noble deeds; as a result many college students have joined him in this mission. During college vacations, I also go along with my friends.
  • After interacting with poor people, I came to know about the hardships they face to arrange food for the whole family. In such conditions it is beyond their imagination to send their children to school for primary education.
  • This community work gives me inner satisfaction and I love students teaching. I have made up my mind to be like Mr. Chopra.
  • The almighty has bestowed us with fortune and the capabilities to work for humanity and I think that we all must not shirk this responsibility.

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