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Asked on 14th April, 2016

Describe any cultural song which impresses you.

I’m very much fond of listening to songs whether these are folk or classical. These musical notes help me to break boredom in my life.

  • The genre which impresses me the most is folk songs as they present the very essence of the cultures and societies.
  • The song which I’m going to describe here is originally sung by Punjabi singer Surinder Kaur, popularly known as Nightingale of Punjab.
  • Being a girl myself, I like to listen to this song often. The original lyrics are” maavan te dheeyan “and tell about the love, affection and the close relation between mother and daughter.
  • This song is in the form of couplets and quadruplets. Every stanza has its own meaning to convey. A lot many messages from the side of daughter are being sent to the mother in this song.
  • This song includes little complaints made by girl to her mother when she comes back to her parental place after her marriage. She asks her mother that why she sent her to another home away from her.
  • I must say that every word of this song is heart touching. This song shows the release of pent up emotions of mother and daughter both.
  • I listened to this song very first time when I was a teenager. This song was on air on radio at that time. I found this song very near to my life.
  • After listening to this song I realised the presence of the warm and close relationship between mother and daughter in every family. This has been there in our societies and will continue to remain the same for coming centuries also.

Talk about a person who is in news.

There are many people in my country who get media coverage. They are singers, film celebrities, politicians and sportsmen etc.

  • The person whom I admire and would love to speak about is a political figure. He is the Chief Minister of the capital of my country.
  • Though he is not a veteran like many other senior politicians who have acted as the chief Minister of Capital state but his working style and vision makes him stand apart from the crowd.
  • He is the founder of a political party also which promises to work for the benefits of laymen.
  • He remains in news because of his novel ideas and plans for the development of his state. Most of the time he is verbally attacked by the opposition in the house as well.
  • I saw him first time on Television while addressing a campaign. I found his views more realistic and the logics he was giving to solve many problems convincing in comparison to other politicians’ speeches.
  • I have high esteem for this political icon. He calls himself a layman and sports a down to earth lifestyle.
  • Like many other youngsters of my state, I like his transparent working style. He has kept his promise of providing corruption free working system.
  • I would love to meet this man in real life. I’m inspired from his determination to do things rightly. Though there had been many obstacles in his way but he overcame those and proved his mettle in the very first year of his governance.

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