Ideas for IELTS Speaking Cue Card asked on 15h April, 2016

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Asked on 15h April, 2016

Talk about a thing you made yourself related to art and craft.

I’m very creative person and engage myself in various activities. I try to utilise my free time in a constructive way.

  • I still remember vividly one activity I did when I was in my senior secondary. It was the model of my school made with ice cream sticks.
  • It was the true replica of the school structure. I finished it during my school summer vacations.
  • I got an idea about it from TV. I was watching a show on kids’ channel one day. There I saw a trainer was making many things from waste material. He made a pencil stand for children by using ice cream sticks.
  • This was how the idea came into my mind. It seemed a simple thing then but once I started doing this I found it bit difficult.
  • I bought new ice cream sticks to use from the vendors. Initially I had a plan to construct a small structure but then I changed my mind to make bigger one like the size of a doll house.
  • I didn’t take any help from my cousins and friends though they offered. I painted the facade also by using the exact colour scheme of my school building.
  • When it was completed I received many appreciations from my parents and friends.
  • I carried it proudly to my school on very first day of opening after vacations and presented to my school principal.
  • He was surprised to see that and praised me. He placed that model in the corner of his office and talked about this in the assembly also.
  • The entire school applauded and I felt special then. I was happy at heart that my leisure time was spent in making something valuable.

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