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Travelling is necessary for the students to continue study or they can also study by staying at home?

In academic pursuits, pupils have to commute to short as well as long distances. This commuting tolls heavy burden on already occupied minds thus slowing down their overall performance. Another option of studying by staying at home is also open but the educational requirements and availabilities of support system determine the final way.

To begin with, going to colleges and universities for acquiring knowledge is the most effective way. This provides opportunity to exchange information in peer groups. This face to face interaction with tutors and fellows assists in complete personality development. Young people learn to observe human behaviours which eventually make them better human beings in their lives.

Additionally, the higher and advanced level of learning, sometimes, requires movement from hometown to off shores. This indispensable travelling pays rich dividends later on thus flight to foreign lands is welcomed by all.

Alternatively, studying from home is also feasible. For this type of learning, the need and requirement of the aspirant sets up the stage. The easily accessible technological gadgets enable the students to adopt on-line programmes and attend virtual classrooms. This mode of learning is boon for those people who have other social, personal and professional commitments.

To conclude, it is observed that though e-learning is available for acquiring and upgrading qualification but the real classroom settings are valued more in teaching young learners. The judicious decision is required to choose the right mode of learning according to the individual needs.



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