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Asked on 21st April, 2016

Describe any interesting story or novel.

I love to read those stories which have a moral to teach for leading a good and meaningful life. I used to read “Panchtantra” a book series of moral stories taken from my own culture.

  • I would like to speak here about one such story which I read when I was a child. I found it quite interesting and of great value.
  • This story conveys the message that there is big strength if we stay united. The name of the story is Union Is Strength.
  • This story is about a father who has four grown up sons who don’t do any work just waste their valuable time by loitering around.
  • Besides this, they fight with one another for no reason. Once the father falls ill and then he decides to teach a lesson of love and unity to his sons.
  • He asks them to bring some small sticks and after tying all sticks together with a rope gives to his sons and asks them to break the bundle of sticks.
  • All four sons try to break but cannot. Then he opens the knot and gives single stick to each son which they break easily.
  • He tells them that if they stay together nobody will be able to provide harm to them or if they fight and stay departed then will certainly fall.
  • All four sons realise the strength of unity.
  • I reckon this story has great significance in present world also. People fight with one another on petty issues thus disturbs the atmosphere of their communities and countries. They need to learn a lesson from this story also.

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