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What is the Influence of the region on person’s success?

The achievement in life is determined by many factors such as intelligence quotient of an individual and the way in which one is brought up. The influence of the surroundings and the atmosphere present there plays crucial role also. The societal impact is so great that it can make or mar a person’s identity.

To begin with, the area of residence enables a person to grab educational and professional opportunities. An aspirant from countryside has to struggle very hard to have access to advanced level of study which is very much essential to excel in the modern world. The commuting to distant places daily, to gain education, can have a heavy toll on students. Everybody may not be ready to face these many challenges eventually leading them to drop their studies midway. Alternatively, who reside in the vicinity of cities and towns may have bright chances of getting their studies completed without facing serious obstacles. Such people enjoy an edge over others.

Furthermore, the multicultural atmosphere of metropolitans broadens the vision of residents. They avail numerous opportunities to grow academically and professionally. Living amidst the people of various ethnic groups makes young learners smart and intelligent. They learn to adjust in adverse circumstances and respect different ideologies. This attitude helps to maintain the peace amongst communities and nations. On the other side, spending life in an area with limited chances of growth makes people conservative. Their narrow mindedness restrains personal development and makes then self centred. This outlook gives birth to xenophobia, ending up at bloody skirmishes fought over the name of origin and religion.

To conclude, it is asserted that the influence of the province over individual growth is quite strong. To remove the gap among various ethnic groups it becomes obligatory to pay attention towards the fair distribution of the resources needed to lead a meaningful and successful life.

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