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Asked on 22 April, 2016

Describe your favourite street and how often you visit that.

I would like to speak about the famous street of my city which is visited by thousands of people of distant cities and towns also.

  • It is situated in the heart of the city and easily approachable so reaching there is hassle free.
  • Besides this it is spread over a vast area. it is not only a single street but many streets intersect one another and the entire area is popular as one single street market.
  • One can buy anything from here. It has grocery stores, clothing, footwear and accessory stores along with bed and linen shops. There are many more from where people can purchase any thing they need for comfort and luxury also.
  • My housing is quite near to this street and I go there often to buy my grocery items and other household essentials.
  • This area is marked as “No car zone” so only pedestrians are allowed to enter in order to avoid traffic chaos.
  • It’s always fun filled for me to shop while bargaining. Shoppers indulge in arguments many times with retailers for charging huge prices for goods.
  • People from my town throng the street on Wednesdays and Sundays to buy fresh vegetables and fruits when farmers and growers come to sell their produce in the city.
  • I also go with my mother to buy things according to our requirement. We always buy from the same makeshift outlet known as Nature’s fresh.
  • The owner of this shops claims to have organic produce so he gets maximum number of buyers and sells off his all produce in just a couple of hours.
  • I enjoy shopping a lot in this street market.


Describe a thing which you borrowed from someone.

I don’t like borrowing or lending things often and also hate people who have the habit of asking for things from their neighbours or friends.

  • Here I would like to narrate one such incident when I was left with no other option than to borrow a thing from my neighbours.
  • It was the car which I had to borrow from my neighbour as mine was not at home and I had to take my grandmother to the hospital in an emergency.
  • My father and brother were out of the town it was my mother and I were at home with her. She had not been keeping well for many days and was under observation.
  • I went to my neighbours to request for the car and they were generous enough to hand over the keys to me in no time.
  • I was extremely worried then because of the condition of my grandmother. She was having problem in breathing also.
  • I drove the car on high speed and reached the hospital in 20 minutes. She was taken to the ICU immediately and our family doctor took her under observation.
  • We were keeping our fingers crossed and after some time doctor came out and told us that she is fine now.
  • He told that she survived as we managed to reach hospital in time otherwise there could be a threat to her life.
  • I realised then the need of taking and giving help to others in need. If I wouldn’t had borrowed the car from my neighbours then something unpleasant could had happened.





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