Ideas for IELTS Speaking Cue Cards

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Describe your best friend.

I have only three friends in my social circle and I share everything of my life with them. They are very close to my heart. Here I would like to speak about my childhood friend Tanya.

  • I met her on my first day at school in Kindergarten. I don’t remember this but this was my mother who told me that Tanya also joined the school on the same day.
  • We both were crying and our teacher made us play with one toy so that we both could adjust ourselves.
  • Since that day, we have been sharing our playthings, books and notebooks and even clothes.
  • The strong foundation of our lovely relationship was laid down in childhood which we enjoy now also.
  • I admire Tanya for many of her qualities. She is a gift of God to me.
  • She is very intelligent and is always a great source of inspiration to me. She never gives up in difficult situations and pushes me to put extra efforts to achieve my target.
  • She possesses many leadership qualities. It is because of her this capability that she has been leading our college volleyball team for many years.
  • Her winsome smile helps her to make friends easily and she is the favourite student of all teachers.
  • Her jolly and generous nature enables her to befriend with everybody easily. One can see huge gatherings in her birthday parties.
  • She is very transparent in her relationship and I like her candidness. She is not manipulative at all.
  • We live in the same locality and go to college together. I wish that all of her dreams come true in life.


Describe a story you watched on T.V.

I love to watch television a lot as I find it very informative and it is a great source of recreation as well.  My mother often chide me for this also as she thinks that I waste my precious time in watching TV for long.

  • I would like to narrate a story here which I watched on TV recently and it was an eye opener for me.
  • It was based on a true story and was part of a crime detection series.
  • I was alone at home last Sunday as my all family members were out to attend a social gathering. I was in no mood to go so I preferred to stay at home.
  • I spent my entire afternoon in watching this crime serial and got alarmed of the incidents shown in the TV show.
  • The story was about a well-off family who had two domestic helps to look after the children and their elderly folks in the family.
  • The owner of the house, a businessman, remained out on business tours along with his wife. Both of them were unaware of the fact that their children were being exploited by their helpers and elders were also maltreated.
  • One day those two helpers were about to run after stealing valuable items and huge money, suddenly the owner returns back home from his tour.
  • He was shocked to see his parents tied with a rope and children locked in another room. He caught them red handed and handed over to the police.
  • There, those two culprits admitted that they had robbed many affluent people earlier also.
  • This story shocked me as such sick people set wrong examples in the society. These types of practices frighten people and disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the communities.
  • I liked the story because it had a message to give. We must not be that credulous that other cheat on us easily.
  • I learnt a valuable lesson of not trusting others blindly.

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