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Criminals should be kept in prison for longer time to reduce the crime. Some people think that there are other ways also to deal with this problem. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

An unprecedented rise has been witnessed in the anti-societal activities, nowadays. Many opine that the culprits must be imprisoned to make the society crime free. Whereas, various other approaches are favoured by many to change the criminal minds into responsible and sensible humans. This essay delves into various opinions to ascertain the most effective way.

To begin with, sending the anti-social elements behind the bars is required, in many cases, to snub the spread of that evil. The offenders will be deterred from doing malpractices because of the fear of jail sentences. Some serious crimes such as homicide must be dealt sternly. By putting the killers in jail, a message can be thrown in the society to warn the other criminals. Furthermore, psycho criminals pose great threat to precious human lives. People with imbalanced state of mind must not be allowed to reside amongst normal people. The sole place to keep them aloof from others is in separate cells in gaols.

Additionally, intruders breaching the national security, terrorists and traitors compromising the peace and harmony of the land must not let scot-free. The end result of their evil motives should be spending the remaining life in imprisonment, away from their kith and kin and repenting on their wrong doers. Such examples of punishment will frighten the culprits and ultimately will help in reducing the crime in the world.

On the flip side, many notes of dissent against life term imprisonment keep on rising every now and them. Social activists working with human rights commission advocate evolving and implementing more humane ways of reforming the criminals. For instance, more rehabilitation centres can be opened to cater to the rapidly increasing number of pick pockets, burglars, smugglers and murderers. The focus should be on reforming the law violators through counselling and meditation sessions and by training them to put a control over their senses. The changed outlook towards life will stop them to indulge in wrong deeds afterwards.

Besides this, more employment opportunities will empower people because the dearth of resources to support the living often pushes the people into dark world of crime and sin. Apropos of a common say, ‘an empty mind is a devil’s workshop’, people with no work to do turn into hard-core criminals. They indulge into snatching, kidnapping and human trafficking also to earn moolah in an ambition to become rich soon and easily.

To conclude, it is drawn that according to the seriousness of the offence, the duration of imprisonment can be fixed. The empowerment of masses can help to control the growth of criminal activities. The government and local administration should join hands together to channelize the human energy into right direction.


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